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Best Cyber Security Scholarships In Canada

We’ve created this guide to help you and other students see the available scholarship opportunities available for you as a cyber security student.

Suppose you have been seeking a Scholarship Opportunity in Canada as a cyber security student. The below are the available opportunities available for you, which you can take advantage of. 

You will as well get acquainted with the available scholarship opportunities for cyber security students in Canada.

It’s noteworthy that a degree is of high importance to those who want to be in cyber security. Nevertheless, if we examine the cost of universities and colleges in Canada for the cyber security field, it will feel enormous for an average student to afford. 

There are different scholarship opportunities that you can consider for your cyber security degree, which you will get to know in this article. 

Central Intelligence Agency – Undergraduate Scholarship Program

If you are a student determined to study in one of the government colleges or universities in Canada, then this scholarship opportunity by the central intelligence agency is suitable for you. 

To be Qualified for this scholarship opportunity by the CIA, you need to have been given a full-time admission to one of the colleges in Canada.

Once you have graduated with the scholarship opportunity you will be given by the central intelligence agency, you will have to pay your part by working for the CIA for two years.

Nevertheless, if you refuse to work for the CIA after the completion of your undergraduate degree, you will be required to reimburse back your tuition fee back to the CIA. 

To get more information about this scholarship opportunity, kindly reach out to

As a beneficiary of this scholarship opportunity, you stand to benefit from the following.

  • #18,000 tuition fee, which will also cover your books and fees. 
  • Daily allowance, which will cover your books and transportation
  • Annual salary 

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(ISC)2 Scholarship – Undergraduate

ISC is one of the programs you can consider for your cyber security scholarship in Canada. 

These programs offer scholarship opportunities to graduates and undergraduates who wish to pursue a degree in the cyber security field. 

$1000-$5000 funds will be given to qualified candidates for this scholarship opportunity, and you to 20 candidates will be selected for this scholarship opportunity. Once a candidate has been selected for this scholarship opportunity, they will be sent to specified school on instructions, and all tuition fees will be covered.

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The Snort Scholarship

This is one of the scholarship opportunities in Canada for those that want to enter the field of cyber security. 

Qualified candidates for this scholarship opportunity, that selected candidates stand to get $10,000.

There are not many Requirements for this aside from interested candidates having a minimum of a diploma degree.

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Heinz College 

Are you interested in American security professional fellowship? If yes, you can apply for this scholarship opportunity that offers $10,000 per semester for selected candidates. 

This scholarship opportunity will sponsor all your bills throughout your undergraduate degree. Nevertheless, you will have to work with American security for two years after your graduation.

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