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Devops Jobs in Canada

According to recent assessments, DevOps jobs in Canada and the United States are in the most demand. The poll, which had a large number of participants of 90,000 people, revealed that DevOps jobs were once again the highest paid. In Canada, the average compensation for the position of DevOps Engineer is CA$87,000. There’s no denying that DevOps professionals are well compensated and diligent.

DevOps is a term used to describe software development and operations.
Before diving into the various DevOps careers, it’s important to understand what DevOps is. DevOps is a method or process that brings together the development and IT teams to interact throughout the process of software development, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

DevOps Jobs in Canada

Let’s have a look at the DevOps jobs that are now available in Canada:

DevOps Cloud Engineer — SecureKey

SecureKey is a renowned identification and verification vendor in Toronto that makes online solutions more accessible to consumers. DevOps Cloud Engineer SecureKey SecureKey is a foremost authenticity and identity verification provider in Toronto that makes online services and applications more accessible to consumers.
The ideal applicant for this position will have previous work expertise collaboratively with both development and operations teams to fulfill its rising business needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.


  • Support for partners during deployment and troubleshooting
  • Deployment and updating of Development solutions are automated.
  • The suitability of new supporting solutions, such as monitoring, alerting, and logging, in a production environment is assessed.
  • Production modifications are implemented and supported during out-of-hours maintenance intervals.
  • Offer experience in site resiliency for both production and non-production contexts.
  • Assist the operations team as a subject matter expert (SME) and escalation point for manufacturing systems.


  • 5-10 years of expertise in system/infrastructure management or a similar discipline Experience delivering solutions in production situations
  • Strong CI/CD knowledge
  • Ansible and Terraform are two infrastructure-as-code tools that you should be familiar with.
  • Robust containerization and orchestration skills, including Kubernetes and docker-compose
  • Strong understanding of HTTP and TLS

Send your CV to to join SecureKey’s high-performance workforce.

SecureKey DevOps Analyst — ESC Corporate Services Ltd.

Here is an opportunity for devops analyst in Canada. Below are the job requirements and roles.

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Responsibilities of the Job:

  • Upgrades, monitors, troubleshoots, and repairs Virtual Machines, Azure network appliances, and software problems in medium to high complexity network and server environments.
  • Participates in worldwide opportunities and supports both domestic and foreign consumers.
  • In partnership with the leadership team, assists in the formulation of IT strategies.
  • Takes part in Microsoft DevOps, including Infrastructure as Code, implementation and adoption.
  • Controls and supervises the performance of Azure’s network and servers, as well as generating statistics reports.

Job Requirements:

  • Normally, a Bachelor’s degree and a least of 3-5 years of similar experience are necessary for this position.
  • Working experience managing enterprise IT infrastructure, hardware, hosting services, and network areas in a production IT environment.
  • Familiarity with public cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon, as well as a thorough understanding of infrastructure and configuration as code

DevOps Specialist — Clearpath Inc.

Clearpath’s OTTO Motors business is seeking a DevOps Specialist to join the Fleet Software Group.
The Fleet Software Group is in charge of designing, developing, and supporting the Fleet Manager and related software.

Key Responsibilities

  • Building and upkeep of the CI/CD build/test facilities are among the responsibilities.
  • collaborating with development teams to implement new features and functions
  • Our tooling’s usability and robustness are being improved.
  • Troubleshooting errors and challenges with automation/deployment.
  • Infrastructure for development systems support.
  • In order to improve build/test/deploy, we’re looking into new technologies and methodologies.


  • Previous experience in enterprise software development.
  • Experience in object-oriented programming (in C++).

Skillsoft DevOps Developer II

A DevOps Developer II with expertise in AWS and Infrastructure as Code is needed by Skillsoft. Enlist their technical team in Deployment and Reliability Engineering, where you’ll collaborate with peers from every technological discipline conceivable.
Apply directly for this position at

Wrap Up

The market’s demand for DevOps has risen, resulting in a higher demand for a professional DevOps staff. For that reason, we see it necessary to highlight the available opportunities for devops workers in Canada.

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