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260+ Random Questions to ask your Boyfriend [ Exposed ]

Do you know that random questions to ask your boyfriend could be a way to spice up your relationship?

These questions are set to help you get to know your boyfriend, build and establish trust,  know boundaries, promote better intimacy.

Most reasons why people don’t ask their partners questions in a relationship are if they are introverts and the place of maturity. You will learn more about your boyfriend’s communication style. Many girls have a difficult time asking boyfriend questions.

What are some random questions to ask your boyfriend?

Some random question to ask your boyfriend is that unintentional question that will spark a fun fill light in your relationship when you ask your boyfriend.

1. What would your perfect day be like?
2. What is that thing you learned a little too late?
3. What are your fears in life?
4. What are your fears in a relationship?
5. Where would you want to spend your dream vacation at?
6. Have you read a book that gave you a thoughtful day? What was it all about?
7. What can easily trigger your anger?
8. What habit do you hate seeing in girls?
9. What good decision did you ever made that got you excited?
10. Have you ever wish life should’ve given you something more than you have now?
11. What do you love most about your parent?
12. Do you think you were raised properly?
13. What is the childhood memory that gives you pleasure when you remember them?
14. Have you been embarrassed before?
15. What would you say is your weak point?
16. What do you think makes you different from others?
17. What else do you think life should have offered you?
18. What is the most loving movie you have ever watched?
19. When do you think you acted manlily

Random Questions to ask your Boyfriend

Random Questions to ask your Boyfriend

Random questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself

20. What perfect description would you use to describe me?
21. Do you have a pet name for me?
22. Do you feel good about my scent?
23. What are dose things you love about my character?
24. What are those awkward things still like about me?
25. Would you ever write a song for me?
26. Would you ever compose a poem for me on my birthday?
27. What can you give up just for me?
28. What are your dreams about me?
29. What is your favorite dream that involved me?
30. What is your favorite memory of me?
31. What would you do to lift my mood if I am sad?
32. Can you risk your life just to save me?
33. Have I made you happy?
34. How well do you know me?
35. What music do you think I love most?
36. Can you tell me my favorite food?
37. What is your dominant feeling about me?
38. What crowded your mind when you met me?
39. Did you ever think I will make a good girlfriend?
40. Is there any secret you have not yet tell me?
41. Would you be happy to introduce me to your friends?
42. Am I your life’s mate?

Relationships questions to ask your boyfriend

Relationships questions to ask your boyfriend

Random questions to ask your boyfriend when you’re bored

43. When did you notice you fell in love with me?
44. Did you really believe “Love at First Sight” before you approach me?
45. Do you feel jealous when other boys check me out?
46. Can you choose me over your best friend?
47. What time is good is best to lick ice cream?
48. Are you scared of the dark?
49. Which one of my friends do you think is very fun to be with?
50. What is the best meal you have ever eaten and who cooked it?
51. Can you write a story about how we started our relationship?
52. What age is the best for you to get married?
53. What would you say gives you an ecstatic moment?
54. Have you thought of changing your name before, or do you think the one you answer is best with you?
55. Have you ever composed a film when you were a kid?
56. What is the one thing you refused to change?
57. What is the one thing you ever craved for as a kid but never got it?
58. Do you really like the way your look?
59. What is your most used word?
60. What has always been your evening thought?
61. Can you have pleasure in-game when you’re bored?
62. What would the evening look like without me?

Truthful questions to ask your boyfriend

Truthful questions to ask your boyfriend

Random questions to ask your funny boyfriend

63. What was that girl’s name you admired as a kid, but she never says yes to you?
64. Have you ever watched children cartoons just to get rid of your boredom
65. What were you ever compelled to do as a kid by your parent?
66. What silly thing did you tried in the pool?
67. How often do you pee in the shower?
68. If you were to be a cartoon character, who would you like to be?
69. If you were to spend five dollars on anything, what would you spend it on?
70. Name three random things that as just come into your mind; now just do it!
71. What are dose three things you can’t live without?
72. What’s something you love that other people think is crazy?
73. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say “having fun”?
74. If you could do any kind of magic, what would you turn me into?
75. Complete this statement, I am the best _____?
76. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
77. What would you say is the best organ?
78. What did you want to be when you grew up?
79. Have you ever imitated a woman?
80. Have you ever worn a dress?
81. Have you ever worn your mother’s makeup paint before?
82. Have you ever tried walking on heels?
83. What is the funniest thing someone has caught you doing?
84. What is the most awkward moment you’ve ever had?
85. What is the funniest dream that you had that you can recall very well?
86. What sound would you say is the best animal sound you can try?
87. What about skinny dipping?
88. What food do you love but would hate as a Dairy Queen Blizzard?
89. What is your biggest guilty satisfaction?
90. Did you have a childhood nickname?
91. What movie would best describe our real life?
92. How many selfies do you take a day?
93. Have you tried selfies in the bathroom?

Random questions to ask your boyfriend when you’re bored

Random questions to ask your boyfriend when you’re bored

Weirdest questions to ask your boyfriend

94. How long do you think you’d survive an automaton catastrophe?
95. What is your preferred body part on yourself?
96. If you could have another body part of some kind, what would it be?
97. Which is more important, your happiness or your intelligence?
98. Are you happier, or are you more intelligent?
99. What animal would you say most describes your appearance and your personality?
100. Have you ever kissed another guy mistakenly?
101. Have you ever made a practical joke call?
102. What is the funniest idea you have ever had, but you thought it was the smartest one?
103. What favorite thing do you consume daily
104. What word do you find the most comical?
105. Would you rather be a vampire or a zombie?
106. Have you ever tried hitting a target while peeing?
107. How many online dating sites have you tried?
108. Would you catch a fish and eat it or let it go?
109. Do you scream on roller coasters?
110. What is the most awkward pet name you’ve ever been given?
111. What’s the most awkward romantic situation you’ve ever been in?
112. Which song do you know but can’t really sing the lyrics?
113. What is your favorite Disney movie?
114. Would you rather drive a tank or a submarine?
115. If I was a motorcyclist, would you ride on the back?
116. Have you tried making pictures out of the clouds?
117. If you could draw anything perfectly, what would that be?
118. Have you ever felt tempted to commit a crime?
119. If you had to kiss a guy other than family, who would it be?
120. If I am mad at you, where is the safest place to tame you?
121. Do you ever get mad at me?
122. If you could date any celebrity, who would you choose?

Weirdest questions to ask your boyfriend

Weirdest questions to ask your boyfriend

What are questions to ask your boyfriend?

Question to ask your boyfriend is the random question that comes to mind to keep a conversation going when you’re with your boyfriend. It could be romantics, sexy, and funny. All this is to keep the communication going?

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Relationships questions to ask your boyfriend

123. Before you approach me, what did you think of me?
124. What do you like about our relationship?
125. Can you describe our relationship in one word?
126. What is your worst fear in this relationship?
127. What is that similar thing about our relationship that you love?
128. What is that one thing about me that you fell in love with me?
129. What’s your desired memory of us?
130. If you were to ask, what is an ideal relationship?
131. Is there anything you’re scared of asking me about our relationship?
132. What’s that one thing you feel our relationship is lacking?
133. What would you miss about me if we happened to part ways together?
134. What do you think was your most helpless moment in our relationship?
135. What’s one secret you’ve wanted to tell me but haven’t?
136. What’s one thing you think makes our relationship unique from everyone else’s?
137. If you could change one thing about our relationship, what would it be?
138. What do you think is your biggest strength in this relationship?
139. What about us do you think works well together? How do we balance each other out?
140. What does love mean to you?
141. What do I mean to you?

Random questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself

Random questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself

Truthful questions to ask your boyfriend

142. What would you say is your biggest fear?
143. Do you still have feelings for your ex?
144. What would you say can make you leave me for another beautiful girl?
145. What is some fact about yourself that makes you embarrassed?
146. How old were you when you had your first kiss, and with who?
147. What exactly made you break up with your ex?
148. What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?
149. Do you daydream? If yes, about what?
150. Who do you hate most among my friends?
151. What is the first thing you look for to have in a relationship?
152. Do looks and beauty matter in love?
153. How long did your relationship last with your ex?
154. What is your comfort food? Can you cook it?
155. On a scale of one 1-10, rate me on a bed?
156. What part of my body catches your fancy?
157. If not for our relationship, what way would you rather be?
158. Who was your first crush? When was it?
159. What turns you on in bed?
160. Have you ever tried skinny dipping?
161. What attracted you to girls at first sight?

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Questions to ask your boyfriend teenager

162. Would you say your love for me is out of infatuation?
163. Is there anything you dislike about me?
164. What would you want to have more on me?
165. Do I cross your mind during the day?
166. What reminds you of me?
167. What kind of movie do you like us to watch together?
168. Do you think someone can be too much drunk in love?
169. Would you leave me for someone else as we grow up?
170. Can you stand up for me when I am in trouble?
171. Do your think am the perfect girl for you?


What should I ask my boyfriend when bored?

172. Did you think me beautiful when you met me?
173. What still lingers in your head about our first date night?
174. Comparing our relationship, what makes you happy?
175. How long did you think our relationship would last when we first started dating?
176. Describe our relationship in one word?
177. How would you describe our love in one word?
178. How did you learn my secret for being happy?
179. Do you believe in fate?
180. Do you believe in a life partner?
181. What’s one difference between us that you absolutely love?
182. What’s the sexiest dress I can wear for you in bed?
183. Do you believe in love at first sight?
184. What is your favorite love song?


What fun questions can I ask my boyfriend?

185. Have you ever feel like someone is watching while sleeping naked on the bed?
186. Do you sleep with your legs tucked under the blankets or one foot out?
187. What do you feel like having?
188. When you were a child, did you like being pampered?
189. Have you ever counted your steps while you walk?
190. Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing?
191. Do you watch cartoons?
192. Have you ever hid your money when you were a kid, and where did you hide it?


What are random questions to ask a guy?

A random question to ask a guy is dose question you ask on a random basis to know a guy more?

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Random funny questions to ask your boyfriend

193. Have you ever been kicked out of a public place?
194. Would you rather run after me or hold me tight?
195. What is the best mode of transportation for you?
196. What’s grosser: Yellow teeth or yellow toenails/fingernails?
197. Which food can you give up in a day?
198. What is your worst habit?
199. If you’re locked in the mall overnight. What do you do first?
200. If you can hold your breath for 10 minutes, what would be the first thing that comes to mind?
201. What was your first screen name?


Random dirty questions to ask your boyfriend

202. Between cuddling or kissing, which do you prefer?
203. What is the best kiss you have ever had and with who?
204. What are your type and favorite sex position?
205. What is your opinion on a girl making the first move?
206. Do I make you nervous in bed?
207. Have you ever stared at my butt or chest?
208. How important would you say sex is in a relationship?
209. What do you often wear to bed?
210. Are you a shy guy, sexually?
211. What part of my body would you want me to tattoo?
212. What outfits turn you on the most when I wear them?
213. How many girls have you had sex with before you met me?
214. How do you feel when we are in the shower?
215. Are you a yoga pants guy or a dresses guy?
216. What is your most embarrassing sex memory?

Random cute questions to ask your boyfriend

217. Is there anything you dislike about me?
218. What would you do to make me smile if I was sad?
219. Do my relationship with you; make you long for the future with me?
220. If I was scared in the dark, would you hold my hands?
221. What is the peculiar thing about me that you love?
222. Do you get butterflies when you read my notes?
223. Am I cute to you?
224. Does my fragrance make you feel the love?
225. Do you feel warm when we hug?
226. Would you endanger your life to save mine?
227. Would you dance with me on the dancing floor even if nobody is dancing with us?


Random deep questions to ask your boyfriend

228. What event have you vowed not to see?
229. What do you think life is all about?
230. Do you have an interest in politics?
231. How important is religion or spirituality to you?
232. Who would you say is your best friend?
233. Do you have a love language? What is your love language?
234. What are you addicted to?
235. Do you think relationships can be recovered from cheating?
236. How would you describe your relationship with your family?
237. Have you ever been dared to do something you didn’t want to do?
238. What is your dream job?
239. Do you think money can buy happiness?

A Youtube Video about Deep questions to ask your boyfriend

Random romantic questions to ask your boyfriend


240. What flower reminds you of me?
241. What outfit would look most on me?
242. How do you feel about falling in love with me?
243. What is the one thing you’re really dying to do with me? Or one experience
244. What would you like to share with me?
245. What is your favorite color to see on me?
246. Could you envisage your life without me in it?
247. What is the best compliment you have ever received from me?
248. How many times did you think about inviting me on a date before you finally invited me?
249. What is your favorite nickname of mine?
250. What reminds you of me?
251. How would you describe me in one paragraph?


Random yes or no questions to ask your boyfriend

252. Have you ever laughed until you cried?
253. Can you forgive your ex, who cheated on you?
254. Do you pay attention to little things that matter in your relationship?
255. Would you easily get over heartbreak?
256. Can you kiss any of your Ex ever again?
257. Can you try sex for money?
258. Do you stretch and exercise every morning?
259. Can you go back to bed after a terrifying dream?
260. Are you sensitive to other people’s feelings?
261. Can you watch horror movies at night all alone?

3 Powerful Questions To Ask Boyfriend

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