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25 Obvious Sign when to let love go (Pictures)

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. In relationships, we strive to make the right choice but knowing when to let go is the key to ensuring we don’t stay in an unfruitful relationship or situations that no longer serve us.

Knowing when it’s time to let go of someone you love

You know when to let go of someone you love when;

  • You are not meant to be
  • You are seeking care and attention from other people.
  • You feel nervous being around them.
  • Your trust is constantly broken.
  • You feel unhappy more than you feel happy.

Should you let go of a particular person, or should you hold on and let them consume you together? These are signs to tell you when to let love go and move.

25 Obvious Signs when to let love go

1. You are not being yourself.

being yourself - when to let love go-50

Being Yourself – when to let love go

If you constantly have to pretend to be someone you are not out of fear of being judged or misunderstood, then you are not in the right place. A partner is the last person you want to wear masks around.

2. Your needs aren’t being met

your needs arent being met - when to let love go-50

your needs arent being met – when to let love go

Every person has personal requirements that must be met in a relationship when one partner feels that the other isn’t fulfilling such requirement;

Wadley says, it’s important to communicate it out;
But If your partner is not ready to meet that need, it’s probably time to let love go.

3. When your trust is often broken

when your trust is often broken - when to let love go-50

when your trust is often broken – when to let love go

Some believe that love is to let their partner hurt them, No; I don’t believe in that. It makes you susceptible to your partner’s behavior. Well, if your lover constantly hurts you or doesn’t care about your feelings, kindly let love go.

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Can you see you’ve already been hurt countless times; what makes you think he won’t hurt you again if you continue holding on?

4. You feel mediocre

your needs arent being met- when to let love go-50

When your self-worth is less appreciated, it belittles everything about you, every feeling of your heart, and all that concern.

You never feel good anymore or you’re always taken for granted, such love should be let go. This will make love to be one-sided, you’ll always do the chasing while they do nothing, you sure need to.

Please do yourself a favor by just stopping it.

5. When you are often unhappy then being happy

When you are unhappy than you’re happy - when to let love go-50

When you are unhappy than you’re happy – when to let love go

If I may ask when was the last time you were truly happy? I mean real happiness. If you can’t remember, then stop forcing yourself on, just let go and start moving on.

6. When love is one-sided.

Are you the one that always has to give more? You’re the one that always does the chasing, your partner often waits for you to start the crack and ignite the fire all by yourself; you won’t go far with such love, just let it go.

7. You are enslaved by Love

you are enslaved by love - when to let love go-50

you are enslaved by love – when to let love go

True love will surely give you freedom. So if you’re in any love that makes you a slave, I advise you to let it go. It won’t be seen as love again but bondage because one major characteristic of love is freedom.

8. If your partner abuses you.

Whether spouse or love partner, if someone is consistently abusive whether physically, emotionally, or psychologically it’s time to let them go. Expert tells that as long as you still remain in an abusive relationship, your partner will continue his or her bad behavior.

9. You live in a mask

If your relationship has made you constantly live a fake life by pretending to be someone you are not out of fear just to please your partner or of not being judged or misunderstood; that gives you a sign that it’s time to let go and move on.

Your partner would ever be the last person you would live this life with.

10. Different goals and values

When a relationship is set not on the same page and their goals and value are two barrel lines, it will be hard for them to accomplish anything. They both will be faced with a relationship where instead of doing life together, each will be going separate ways their own, and accordingly, they slowly drift apart.

11. When the excitement is no more there

It is of a certainty that when the passion is gone, boredom and dullness set in. This is a reason why many people will think that cheating is the best way to fill the emotional gap, but is not. When all the excitement is gone, what do you think will be left.

12. When loneliness becomes part of your life.

Happily Sharing life between partners in every circumstance is what makes a healthy relationship. If you are feeling that you’re through everything alone while in a relationship, this is an obvious sign that you need to let it go. What makes you think you can’t stay alone when you’re already lonely?

13. When you feel obligated to continue.

People are more liable to stay in relationships that they’ve already invested time and effort into. But here is one you should know; when it comes to people and relationships, time does not necessarily equal success, says Wadley. According to her, many are finding it hard to leave an unhappy relationship because they want to harvest the rewards of their investment.

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14. Lack of communication


It’s natural to feel bumpy talking to your partner about what you need and what you can’t get out of your relationship. But Wadley says open lines of communication are essential to lasting, healthy relationships.

If you can’t speak up but suppress how you feel by continuing with your dissatisfaction and feign happiness out of fear of feeling like a burden, then you truly need to let go.

15. Your friend and family don’t support it.

No doubt, if nobody in the family or friends supports your relationship, that’s a red flag.
And if you decide to push aside these people, it may lead to another sign that it’s proper time to let go. When you separate yourself from your loved ones to avoid listening to their concerns, most of the time they’re probably right, just let it go.

16. When you find ways to justify your partner

Have you ever find these reasons in your mind? Instead of facing the reality, you choose to dwell in the past because you have happy memories there to comfort you. If you ever constantly find excuses as to why you are not happy and try to defend them then it’s time to let go.

17. You’re always fighting

If you end up fighting and arguing despite all communication, it is then an indicator that both of you are not attuned and hardly understand one another enough. So you need to let love go.

18. When you’re burden by it.

If their presence seems to puts a lot of pressure on you. You do not feel at ease around them but like always have to explain yourself. You feel so burden by putting a lot of effort to make the time you spend together enjoyable. It a sign to let love go.

19. The relationship is bound with fear.

When you face a situation of thinking twice before you speak or react due to the intimidating habit of your partner, and making you feel nervous. If you walk on eggshells around your partner and continuously feel worried that what you say or do will offend them, then you, therefore, need to free yourself from the shackles of this relationship.

20. No respect for you

In a healthy relationship, there’s no room at all for disrespectfulness. It is simply impossible to happen. If you are disrespected physically or emotionally by your partner and are not treated the way you deserve then you truly need to cut it off immediately.

21. It always holding you back.

Relationships should ways design to bring out the best in us, help us grow, and most significantly help us unveil our true selves.
The right partner will always support you and motivate you to reach your dreams and goals, they will never hold you back from progress and growth, whether professionally or personally.

22. You no longer look forward to seeing them.

Another sign of when to let love go is when you realize you aren’t looking forward to seeing them or you’re ignoring their calls and chat because you feel nervous about talking to them.

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Sometimes you feel so difficult to answer these questions yourself of why you’re ignoring them. But if you’re reaching out to others more often than this, it’s a sign that you should let love go.

23. When they’re always critical of you.

If you are in a relationship that your partner often comments negatively about you to your face and behind your backs to other people, then you truly need to let it go. Critical comments that are not constructive, aren’t good for your neither your relationship.

24. Consistent dishonesty and deceit

Some love relationships can endure the intermittent incident of lying or dishonesty. But in a case of consistent recurring instances of dishonesty or disloyalty, it suggests the person involved has an issue of character and integrity that cannot be overcome.

25. They don’t make plans with you.

One thing I can honestly tell you wholeheartedly is that if someone cares and loves you, they will make it clear, by prioritizing you and your place in their life. They will let you know where they stand with you and this includes making it clear to you what their plans are with you.

Other Bonus Facts about Letting Go 

How do you let go of someone you still love?

  • Decide whether the relationship Is Worth
  • Cut off contact from them.
  • Lean on Friends and Family.
  • Trust the Process.
  • Use writing to tell a story and learn from them.


When to fight for a relationship and when to let go

the time to fight for your relationship is when you discuss with your partner your feelings and he or she understand what you’re going through, and is determined to amend.

But if your partner refuses to consent to you and still go on his ways you truly need to let love go, because you cannot force love on someone.


When is it time to let go of someone you love

If being with someone continually makes you feel worse, they don’t compliment who you are, or add to your happiness, it’s time to let them go without delay.

How to let go of someone you love who doesn’t love you

These are ways to let go of someone who doesn’t like you as much as you like them.

  • Have a good determination to do it.
  • Make a list of what you like and dislike and often refer to them.
  • Cut him off emotionally and otherwise.
  • Believe the future holds good things for you.
  • Get back out there.

How to let someone go that matters a lot to you

Here are the following ways on how to let go of someone that matters a lot to you;

  • Separate or distance yourself from them
  • Understand your self-Worth.
  • Declare Your reasons
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Stop Fantasizing about them.
  • Accept your grief and move on.

Letting go of a relationship

You need to let go from the relationship that’s not working for you, and here are ways to do it;

  • Recognize the Problem.
  • Allow Yourself to Feel the grieve
  • Discover the Lesson it has taught you.
  • Create separation.
  • Let go of the memories

How to let go of a friend you love

  • Don’t take it personally, because it’s not about you.
  • Create some kind of closure; you can do it by writing a secret later about how you feel for them.
  • Keep on loving.
  • Concentrate on something new to distract yourself from the pain

How to let go of someone you love and have a child with

  • Make Room for Emotions to flow, but don’t make it obvious to the child.
  • Make Decisions to Finalize the Split.
  • Reach Out for Support from friends and family
  • Give yourself time, don’t rush into it.
  • Keep things amicable with your ex
  • Create a Consistent Routine and keep focusing.
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