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Top 200 Cute Unique Nickname for Boyfriend with Meaning

A unique nickname for a boyfriend Is a special familiar or humorous name given to a boyfriend instead of or as well as the real name. It comes in various shapes, forms, and manners.

These unique nicknames for a boyfriend naturally come into play as soon as the love starts enfolding.

Hence, unique nickname for a boyfriend cannot be underestimated because the very moment you know that things fall apart in your relationship is when you hear your partner calling you by your first name.

Unique nicknames for the boyfriend must be exclusively given base on the personality, character or hobby of the person. It portrays love and affection.

Here is some suggested unique nickname for boyfriend with meaning for you, just to spice up your relationship with fun.

How do I pick a nickname for my boyfriend?

unique nickname for boyfriend

unique nickname for boyfriend

This is the most striking question people do ask. Picking a nickname for your boyfriend must be based on a lot of factors or qualities.
First, it has to be selected based on his personality; about who he is and what he is, and so on. Other ways can be based on his Appearance, Hobbies, Theme or Words, etc.

Also, see our amazing list Nickname for Girlfriend.

1. Dearie – A name for a guy you really love
2. Classic man – for a boyfriend who can dress well and seemingly dose things on code.
3. Cool breeze – A unique nickname for a boyfriend whose affection is so calm and gentle.
4. Boo-boo – for a boyfriend you care and want to entice.
5. Biscuit – A cute nickname for a boyfriend who is so sexy and has many spicy.
6. Bestie – A nickname for a guy who is very close to you, like a brother.
7. Caretaker – for a boyfriend who is very caring during a serious illness.
8. Angel – a beautiful nickname for boyfriends whom you love dearly, and he happens to be the most beautiful thing in your world.
9. Destiny – A nickname for a guy designed by fate.
10. Amazing – A cute nickname for a boyfriend that always fascinated you.
11. Darling – for a boyfriend who is very dear to your heart.
12. Charming – A cute nickname for a boyfriend who looks so sparkling and appealing like magic.
13. Captain – A nickname for a handsome boyfriend who can be relied on in the relationship.
14. Banana – for a boyfriend that’s very sweet to be with.
15. Diamond – a nickname for a boyfriend that’s really precious to you.
16. Beast – for boyfriend with a daring character.
17. Twinkle – for a sparkling boyfriend that looks so charming even in the crowd.
18. Unstoppable – a nickname for a boyfriend who always pushes through in all his decision.
19. Treasure – a cute nickname for a guy who is highly cherished and reserved.
20. Power guy – sexually, he is very strong and can stand to the last round.
21. Engine room – a funny nickname given to a guy you can’t be around without feeling the emotional hotness in him.
22. Rare gem – a name for a boyfriend whose ability and character are likely rare to find.
23. Smile – when he alone can give a smile on your face.
24. Magnificent – for a boyfriend who always hits it big in everything he does.
25. True love – a name for a boyfriend with a perfect undoubted love.
26. Sparkle – as stars that fascinate and brighten up every mood.
27. Yankee – for a boyfriend whose love and appearance look foreign.
28. Slim guy – for a boyfriend comparingly tall, cute, and handsome.
29. Pleasant – when he has all the keys to unlock you.
30. Wonder guy – for a boyfriend who does excellent wonders.
31. Baby – a name for a boyfriend you love and cherished like a baby.
32. Medicine – your sickness can not endure when they’re around.
33. Love of my life – you’re dedicating him to your life as a whole.
34. My Rider – this is some a sexual active name you can give to a boyfriend that knows how to give satisfaction.
35. My Star – when he always brings good luck.
36. My Lord – when you see him behave like the ancient monarch.
37. Rainbow – this is a nickname that depicts beauty and decorations in your world.
38. Efficient – a nickname that tells of ability and strength.
40. Morning glory – when he wakes you up to many smiles and happiness.
41. Playboy – for a flexible young attractive boyfriend who looks very smart before girls.
42. Knock out – here your stamina always fails when he touches you.

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What name can I give my boyfriend?

Do guys like being called cute?

There are many names to call your boyfriend. Some are needed to spice up some circumstances or events and he must be aware of such a name in order to coordinate with your thought and feelings.

The nickname for your boyfriend could be as a result of the kind of questions you ask him.

43. My joy – for a boyfriend who never ceases to give excitement.
44. Lamb – for a calm and gentle love-making guy.
45. Judge – a nickname for a boyfriend who has judgmental attitudes which you like.
46. Prince – a very respected young boyfriend who has proven himself worthy of that name in your life.
47. Magic guy – for a boyfriend whose lovemaking is so unpredictable and lot more.
48. My beloved – a name given to suit the heart desires.
49. Sugar – for a boyfriend who’s more than a candy
50. Loverboy – loving and cherishing guy that you are aware he really loves you.
51. Sexy – a nickname for a classic effective boyfriend that’s sexually attracted.
52. Dude – for just a casual sex partner
53. Love – when he’s an embodiment of lover herself.
54. Sunshine – a great nickname for a boyfriend who gives brightness to your dark mood, anytime, anywhere
55. Lighting – he glows your world with lights as if thunder strike.
56. King – a boyfriend who has the ability to rule your entire heart and World
57. Melody – a name for a guy that makes your heart sing songs like a good parrot.
58. Chief– he stands before all things in your life.
59. Dreamer – when he can picture good things about the future of your relationship.
60. Fantasy – when you don’t have any other thoughts but him in your mind.
61. Captain America – for a genius admired the guy.
62. Daddy – it goes for a boyfriend who means so much to you in everything, financially and otherwise.
63. Brown eyes – this seems to be the most outstanding beautiful part on him you can’t cease to ignore.
64. Babyface – for a young boyfriend who is fresher than his age.
65. Dimples – a nickname for a guy whose dimples is so bold when he smiles.
66. Big daddy – he looks like a senior to you but very caring to take you as a baby.
67. Twinne – when he’s with you wherever you go.
69. Better half – a cute nickname for a boyfriend who makes you complete.

What can I call my boyfriend to make him smile?

You must know your boyfriend to the point you can cheer his mood when he’s sad. Smile is assured if you can tease him with names that he likes most to hear from you. It must be such that’s cute, romantic, and sexy.

What can I call my boyfriend to make him smile

See these unique names listed below

70. Big guy – this connotes hugeness in size and structure.
71. Love face – for a boyfriend whose face always sends love signals.
72. Invincible – he’s always there and kind of being so protective.
73. Jelly – this one is always jealous of his girl.
74. Lemon – a nickname for a juicy cherished boyfriend.
75. Lavender – when the boy looks so expensive in love like a king.
76. Main-man – though casual but for a boyfriend who has gain first place in your life.
77. Desire- a nickname that means that your heart is always panting for this one person.
78. My all – here you have no option, but he’s everything.
79. Excellent man – the love has left the low level to be such with good grades.
80. Joy giver – you can’t be bored with him.

Classic nickname for boyfriend.

This is a respectable name you give him just to give him class. It comes from the judgmental quality of his character.

funny nicknames for boyfriend

81. Sweet potatoes – when you feel like having him always.
82. My Lion – the name depicts fierceness but he’s always bold even in bed
83. Cutie – when he is your number one crush.
84. Genius – for a boyfriend who acts manly
85. Candy – a name for a sweet boyfriend like butter.
86. Dove – when he acts so innocently but attractive.
87. Fabulous – for an incredible boyfriend.
88. Apple of my eye – when you tell him words like ‘the only beautiful thing I see is you’
89. Mentor – if there are things you amazingly learn from him.
90. Ecstasy – for boyfriend that gives you great unforgettable happiness.
91. Sweet dreams – things get bored when he is not featured as one of the characters in your dreams.
92. Wise man – when you just want to let him know he is your councilor.
93. Courage – when his words is like a shield to all your fears.
94. Adorable – here he always deserves a clap offering.
95. Cherrie – just to let him know how much he is to you.

What is a good nickname for my boyfriend?

Nobody will ever give you a good nickname for your boyfriend. As I have said it’s base on his personality and character compared to yours. You must choose a nickname that will also have an effect on you as well.

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96. My passion – an appealing name for your boyfriend who has deeply won your heart.
97. Paradise – the pleasure he gives is far above what earth knows.
98. Other-half – this means he is indispensable.
99. Jelly beans – always jealous but soft.
100. Knight – when he happens to be the only warrior that defends you.
101. Killer – when his touch brings out all the juicy vibes in you.
102. Hero – when you’re so proud of him in the midst of your friends.
103. Rose – tender and soft.
104. Saint – when you know very well, he doesn’t flirt.
105. Hercules – a boyfriend who is sexually strong.
106. Cuddle – for a boyfriend who likes to hold you tight in his arms.
107. Dream lover – he is my ideal lover
108. Emerald – sparkling and precious guy.

Cute nicknames for boyfriend.

Your cute nickname for your boyfriend must be short and sexy. Don’t make it bulky or too long but select nice and sweet ones.

109. Everything – such as ‘he is mine and I am his’
110. Handsome – just for a good-looking guy.
111. Hobby – a unique name for a boyfriend who’s fun to be with.
112. Heart – his thoughts harmonize with yours.
113. Warm – he never ceases to give hot temperature.
114. Baby boy – an endearing name for a cherished boyfriend.
115. Sweetheart – a nickname for boyfriend that gladdens the heart.
116. Ice man – for a very calm-looking boyfriend.
117. Exotic – so expensive and always like spoiling you.
118. Fabulous – it means an incredible boyfriend.
119. Fire cracker – he can always dispel the moody mood.
120. Ice breaker – he can break the silence in the room with exciting fun.
121. My flame – this is a sexual name for hot guys.
122. Flawless – for a boyfriend who’s so perfect and unquestionable.
123. Everest – is just a high level to prove you heart him.

Do guys like being called cute?

Calling a Guy cute is good but it somehow connotes childishness. So hence, guys usually do not like to be called so but they prefer being called handsome over cute;

chocolate nicknames for boyfriend

Your boyfriend thinks you’re just trying to be cool and really doesn’t want to say enough.

See other unique names below.

124. Salt of my life – a boyfriend that adds more meaning to your life compared to your former.
125. raindrops – A boyfriend who makes all dry emotions wet as he appears.
126. My backbone – this connote support and strength.
127. Smile maker – he seems to know the soft keys to make you smile more than seven times a day.
128. Tender heart – a boyfriend that’s always broken when you say I’m sorry.
129. Sunflower – this yellow tender flower that always give joy.
130. My one and only – when he’s the only one in your world.
131. Antidote – when he alone knows the right nerves to hit anytime, you’re sad.
132. Teacher – here he always wants you to be better than your past.
133. Imagination – he’s the only character in your movie world.
134. Magician – a name given when he appears to be a mysterious problem solver.
135. Ice – this suggests his sexual ability to freeze every part of your body with calmness and pleasure.

Unique nickname for boyfriend.

There must be that one thing or the other that makes your boyfriend distinctive. Things you really love to see in him. Therefore, the nickname must go accordingly to it.

136. Naughty boy – it’s a funny name, but it shows you’re so cordial with him and know him to be doing some naughty things whenever he’s around.
137. Spartan – very strong.
138. sunbeam– he wakes up dose dull moment in your life.
139. Tiger – can you just picture how this one can be, even on the bed.
140. Priceless – a name for boyfriend you can’t exchange with anything else.
140. Bread – when you fine him to be highly satisfactory.
141. Eclipse – a perfect name for a boyfriend whose love overshadowed you.
142. Friend – a boyfriend who is more than a boyfriend.
143. Heavenly – when you assume him to be a boyfriend sent by God.
144. Rambo – when his structure depicts a good fighter.
145. Honey – for every sweetness.
146. Good looking – for a guy who has a sexually attracted physical look.
147. Gold – this goes for an ideal priceless boyfriend you think is rare to find.
148. Fun time – ‘all work without play makes Jack a dull boy’ this is your advice.
149. G man – this means he always spends more than you wished.
150. Google – a rare name for a boyfriend who’s so intelligent.
151. Happiness – the number one life emotion
152. Blueberry – a nickname for awesome boyfriend.
153. Commando – for a confident and brave guy.
154. Emperor – when he treats you with much honor and care.
155. Fruit cake – a name for a boyfriend who has all the desired features
156. Cake – a guy who Is sweet and fun to be with.

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What nickname do guys like?

When it comes to nicknames you have to select a name that can work wonders in your relationship.

Guys actually like being called something sexy and inspiring e.g sunshine, big guy, Honey, etc. Don’t forget his personality is high to be considered.

157. Guy – when you like discussing him in the midst of your friends, you’ll call him a guy.
158. Awesome – a nickname for a boyfriend who always deserves applause.
159. Dada – a lovemaking teasing name for Daddy boyfriend
160. Baby cheeks – for a boyfriend with a cute face.
161. Angel of mine – when you want him to know that he is only for you.
162. Sweet love – you never try to compare his love with others.
163. Striker – even on the football field of love he plays it well.
164. Sweet one – when he alone brings that sweetness.
165. Lifemate – when he looks as if he was sent as a perfect match by life herself.
166. Pineapple – very sweet funny guy.
167. Radical – though he looks so rough but just for the sake of love.
168. Sex bomb – his attractive force seemingly looks irresistible.
169. Boss – for a boyfriend who’s always in charge.
170. Bro – for a guy you never cease to thank after sex.
171. Honey bun – a nickname for boyfriends who is extra sweet.
172. Iron Man -when he looks like a genius.
173. Hot chocolate – an ebony boyfriend who’s very sexy.
174. Slay king – for a trending boyfriend who’s admired by all.
175. Heart breaker – for a guy who’s every girl’s dream. You just want him to know what impact he has.
176. Honey poo – that means the guy is your Winnie the Pooh.
177. Heart attack – a name for a guy who gives you a panting breath.
178. Soul mate – as if nature fuss you both together.
179. Honey lips – for a good attractive guy who knows how to kiss very well.
180. Cheerleader – when he has excess motivation.
181. Fresh air – when the bond is too strong and you seem to live without.

Unique nickname for boyfriend with meaning in Spanish.

Sometimes love can go beyond the tie of language just to escalate the emotions of the heart and to bring one’s mind to acknowledge the intense level of the bond.

Here is some Spanish nickname with meaning to call your boyfriend.

182. Mi alma – my soul
183. Amigo – friend
184. Cariño– darling or dear
185. (Mi) Amor – This unique Spanish name means “(my) love,” and mostly used for a person your deep love.
186. (Mi) Angelito – This is a Unique Spanish nickname given to a boyfriend that takes care of you, your guardian “angel.”
187. Azúcar – A unique Spanish nickname for a boyfriend “(as sweet as) sugar.”
188. Bebé – This Spanish nickname simply means “baby,” we’re not sure that every man would like it.

Unique nickname for boyfriend with meaning in French.

French Is just a language among many languages. There’s another foreign language like French which can be added to the cue.
189. Mon Coeur – This is a French name meaning my heart
190. Mon toésor – This unique French nickname means my treasure

What is some French cute nicknames for boyfriends?

A relationship is like a school. It teaches us new things every day. Don’t assume to know all about him or all it takes to make him happy, try new things, like a French nickname for him.

191. Mon ange – my angel
192. Mon amour – my love
193. Mon canard – my heart

Chocolate nickname for your boyfriend.

This is a nice name that can be seen as an exciting edge that you and your boyfriend give to your love sessions. This alone takes away dullness but brings sweetness to your relationship and your bedroom schedule.

194. Sexy devil – when he’s so sexually attracted. His sexy body can make you feel uncomfortable somehow.
195. Winnie – a sweet and sexy name can swell everything.
196. Lovey-dovey – a casual but cute sexy name for boyfriend.
197. Hot cakes – everyone wants to have it.
198. Golden – just to describe how precious he is.
199. Sound mine – a cute nickname for a boyfriend you fine all his decision and advice to be adding meaningful impact in your life.
200. Cloud – you always run to him because he has more than enough capacity to cover for you.
201. Natural – when you don’t give much to deserve it.
202. Best – he’s always the one you choose over others.
203. Jewelry – he is always the one that can beautify you.
204. Ice cream – you lick it always.

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