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What to Say When a Girl Calls You Cute – 20 Best Response

It is exciting and satisfying to know what to say when a girl calls you cute, but never forget that she doesn’t want a close relationship just because she calls you cute.

It’s often common that people flirt at the workplace;

However, if she does like you, and you could move further if you want to respond with “thank you,” “You’re not too bad yourself.” and look for her reaction.

But we have a list of responses we believe you will consider or think is appropriate responses when a girl calls you cute.

Note That “Cute” is a very general compliment that expresses attractiveness endearingly and because a girl thinks you’re “cute” doesn’t guarantee they also think you’re “handsome” or “sexy” Those are simply more personal compliments to make someone.

What does it mean When a Girl Calls a Guy Cute?

This means that the girl sees you are alright, upright, cool with outstanding qualities that will make her find you attractive.

Being described as “cute” is a nice complement for both men and women. The adjective “cute” is frequently used as a synonym for “highly attractive and appealing.”

Here are some other meanings of when a girl calls a guy cute.

  • She admires the adorable way he plays with tiny tots.
  • The girl adores his sense of humor.
  • When he is amicable with pets, especially dogs, cats, etc.
  • She admires the way he eats as if it is his passion.

20 Best Response to When a Girl Calls a Guy Cute

There’s no such thing as a mythical maxim for handling conversations, nor are there any super-slick lines or reactions that always work for everyone.

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You’d be astonished at what you can get away with saying as long as you don’t break any etiquette standards or anything.

Here are the selected best responses to when a girl calls a guy cute and reactions

  1. Say “Thank You” to her and smile!

    It is widely known that you are cute to girls when they do silly things; using the word cute is an indication of interest.

    Responding with “Thank you” and then following it up with a smile is considered the best move. If you’re deemed as cute, note that it’s a long term game in getting a girl,

  2. Say Thanks; you’re cute too.

    Responding with “Thanks” casually and adding you are cute is one of the safest responses to avoid misfires.

    You would have succeeded in making her feel special, too, by complimenting her.

    This often sparks up a conversation with appreciation.

    Most girls will love this response; take this chance.

  3. I know I am cute

    This response is highly cocky, blunt, and harsh, and it is appropriate for your obnoxious ex or the inquisitive neighbor.

    Make it cheeky instead of the plain; it sounds better that way.

    It can indicate your ego, implying that you don’t want her to comment on your appearance.

  4. As always

    This has the same impact as saying, “I’m flattered.”

    You haven’t taken the compliment seriously. You don’t believe it’s true, yet it doesn’t bother you.

    This is the type of response you might give to someone with whom you have no emotional ties. In other words, you’re saying “anything you say.”

  5. Just smile and respond, “So are you.”

    When you don’t want to say anything that may make her feel uncomfortable or uneasy, this is a good reaction.

    It’s ambiguous and won’t lead her anywhere. You’re also quite gracious about it. You can probably walk away without saying anything after that to avoid the girl responding at all.

    What to Say When a Girl Calls You Cute

    What to Say When a Girl Calls You Cute

  6. Thanks! It means a lot coming from you.

    When you employ this reply, most girls will almost certainly inquire as to what you mean.

    This is the opportune opportunity for you to express your genuine feelings; you can take advantage of this opportunity to explore what might happen.

    Because it comes from her, it indicates it’s a compliment you genuinely value.

  7. Really! So are you.

    To put it more simply, you appreciate the courtesy. This reply makes her feel special in the process of complimenting me.

    Make it more interesting by complementing the other person.

    If a girl tells you that you are gorgeous, say something like, “Really! So are you”

    You just walked into a pretty girl on the sidewalk, and the first thing she says to you is, “You’re cute.” These replies don’t suggest you doubt it; they mean you’re surprised they noticed.

    They usually start a conversation; take advantage of the opportunity to express gratitude.

  8. You must have been looking at a mirror.

    When you want the girl you are crushing on to know that you share her feelings, use this flirting response.

    A mirror reveals a reflection, and you’re merely implying that she is also talking about herself; in other words, you think she is also cute.

  9. Thank you! I had a shower today!

    This is another humorous remark you can use to explain why you did something different this morning.

    It does not imply that you do not take showers. The girl will most likely pick up on the joke, making this unpleasant scenario laughable.

  10. That’s So Nice Of You To Say.

    This is a relatively normal reaction that shows you are genuinely taking the remark, and you don’t want to prolong the topic any more than that.

    You are also indicating that you don’t want to make her feel awful.

    When you say this, she is likely to accept your suggestion and shift the subject or leave.

  11. Not as cute as you are.

    This reaction is ideal when you wish to thank a girl for the compliment, which is a good sign.

    It implies that the girl is just as attractive as you are and that the spotlight should be on her rather than on you. It will improve the girl’s self-esteem.

  12. Okay, but have you seen yourself?

    While accepting the compliment, you call the guy cute.

    It’s also a technique of demonstrating to the girl that you two may work well together because you’re both attractive.

    The girl may query about the “something else” in your response, and you can respond with more things you have in common, which may ignite your crush’s interest in you and lead to a longer discussion.

  13. I guess that makes two of us! Now we have something else in common.

    She compliments you because she enjoys conversing with you. Furthermore, girls are naturally nice, and using endearments is one way to demonstrate this.

    Thank her, and don’t forget to compliment her if she says you’re adorable. Who knows, maybe you two will become excellent friends.

  14. I really believe that hanging out with you rubbed off on me.

    You’re thanking the girl who complimented you. It basically indicates that some of her cuteness and sweetness have rubbed off on you, figuratively speaking.

    This will almost certainly make the girl happy. You can then say something like, “I need to keep you around, so it doesn’t wear off.” “I guess I should stick around a little longer,” you can also say.

  15. Say That Again, I’d Love To Hear It From You.

    The most crucial part of stating all of the above is to make sure it comes from your heart and that you say it confidently.

    Girls will notice if you stutter or appear to be memorizing anything, and the awkwardness will show.


    What to Say When a Girl Calls You Cute

    What to Say When a Girl Calls You Cute

    What to say when a girl calls you cute over text

    Now! If you already have her number, here are text messages responses to a girl who calls you cute

    “Hey! There is this cafe I’d like to grab a coffee on the weekend. Can you join on Saturday?”

    Her response to your text message would probably look like this. “We’ll meet there at 1 pm. Catch Ya”

  16. I Am So Grateful For You Right Now.

    We make the mistake of rushing things, which prompts uneasiness to be displayed. Instead, take a deep breath and gently respond as listed above.

    You already know what to answer when your crush calls you cute and how to appear normal the next time a girl, be it your crush, flirts with you and says, “you’re such a cute guy.”

    Everything will run smoothly as a result, and you will be even closer.

  17. How Sweet Of You.

    By responding with this term, you immediately return with a sweeter compliment.

    The most crucial part of stating all of the above is to make sure it comes from your heart and that you say it confidently.

    Your crush will notice if you stutter or appear to be memorizing anything, and the awkwardness will show.

  18. That’s The Sweetest Compliments Someone Said To Me In A While.

    Here’s something you might only want to use once in a while. Saying that something you did was “nothing” is akin to telling them that the compliment is undeserved.

    This demonstrates your humility to her. Use this reaction only when the compliment you’re receiving is genuine.

  19. Wow! Now at least, someone other than my parents think so.

    When a compliment catches you off guard, this is a smart response. It’s amusing and can help make the situation less unpleasant.

    The fact that you laughed it off could indicate that you don’t regard her in the same light and help start conversations.

  20. You Are Just Perfect

    Show her how much her compliment means to you by thanking her from the bottom of your heart.

    This not only shows that you recognize her praise, but it also expresses your gratitude for her taking the time to notice anything about you.

    Many individuals tend to assume that thanking someone for a compliment makes you appear arrogant as if you believe what they said.

    Saying thanks, on the other hand, is a courteous way of expressing approval with their viewpoint.

  21. If you want to be cocky, tell her something like,” Not as cute as you.” Or give her a wink and say nothing.

What you should NOT say when a girl calls you cute

  • So you really want to get laid tonight?
  • No! This is the first time someone has told me that I am cute.
  • My mom already told me that I am cute. I don’t need your opinion B*tch!
  • No, I’m not.
  • What’s your phone number?
  • Are you telling me you want to have sex?[
  • say nothing, flee in terror*
  • Damn! I wish I could say the same about you!
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