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Why is He Avoiding My Snapchat Story? Reasons and Tips

Why is he avoiding my Snapchat story? Why wouldn’t he want to watch it? Guys are generally more visual than girls, so maybe he can’t stand looking at you for that long. Or maybe he’s just not interested in watching your stories, which is a completely valid choice.

There could be several reasons why the guy you’re trying to pursue isn’t responding to your messages or snaps, and we have them all here!

Why is He Avoiding My Snapchat Story?

There are several reasons why he seems to be avoiding you is that he might simply be preoccupied with other activities or uploading his own images. Maybe he just isn’t interested in looking at your stories, in which case you should accept it.

The majority of those who visit your Snapchat story are likely to be your friends and people you know who are thereby new story notification — He might not have noticed the notification, it could very well mean that his interest in you is nonexistent.

He might just change the settings on his phone so that when new snaps come through, they don’t bother him with a pop-up notification or sound.

In this post, I will cover in detail the reasons why he is avoiding your Snapchat story, how to get someone’s attention on Snapchat, reasons behind why your stories are ignored.

Snapchat Explained?

Snapchat is a social media platform that is designed to keep you connected with your friends. This app was designed for sharing photos and videos, in addition to adding text or drawings on the images.

Content shared on Snapchat is only visible for a short time of about 24 hours until they disappear from public view forever (unless saved by you).

What is a Snapchat Story?

A Snapchat story is a compilation of photos and videos that you share consecutively over a period of time. Why should you care about this? The reason is simple, Story is only visible for 24 hours until they disappear from public view forever (unless saved by you).

So if someone has not been active on your story it probably means they have ignored it as well.

What does he mean when he says ‘I’m not ignoring you?’

This is pretty straightforward; He’s intentionally avoiding looking at your Snapchat stories because there might be something in the picture or video that will remind him of another woman.

In other words, he doesn’t want to see anything that will make him think about cheating on his girlfriend so instead of opening up your Snapchat story.

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What does it mean when someone stops viewing your story?

This means that person has stopped looking at your Snapchat story. He/ She might be interested in what you have to say and post on your story but just doesn’t feel like watching it right now. Or perhaps this person simply thinks that they’ve already seen everything important there is to see on your story so why bother checking it out again?

How to get someone’s attention on Snapchat.

You can easily get someone’s attention on Snapchat by simply sending them a message or calling their name. you can also make your Snapchat stories more interesting and engaging to get their attention.

reasons why he is avoiding your snapchat story

11 Tips on how do you get a guy to notice you on Snapchat?

With so many pictures and videos in the Snapchat space and with lots of distractions, getting your guy or crush attention will not be easy.

But you can get his attention by sending him a snap or two of your pics and videos, especially the photos that he may find interesting enough to make him want to check out more pictures on your story space.

  1. Create an account with a username that matches his name.
  2. Make sure your Snapchat profile is set to public.
  3. Include your Snapchat Story in your Instagram bio
  4. Follow him back on Snapchat if he follows you first
  5. Add a few friends who are boys and send them snaps
  6. Send a snap of you in your bathing suit or shorts that show off your body
  7. Send him a snap that includes your face
  8. Snap something funny, like a video of you making silly faces with the dog
  9. Snap him while he’s working out at the gym
  10. Send him pictures of his favorite foods or drinks that he can’t have because it’s not healthy for him (don’t do this too often)
  11. Use filters, stickers, text, or drawings to make it more personal for him.

reasons why he is avoiding your snapchat story

What are the reasons behind someone not following you back or ignoring your story?

Apart from being busy with other life actives, there are a bunch of other reasons why someone may not follow you back or ignore your story which includes :

He/she is not a fan of Snapchat.  He/she has no interest in your content and it’s just boring to him/her. Or maybe you sent too many stories in one day or the other way around, so they missed yours out. You might have been “snatched” – people who post all day long about

I have detailed these other reasons below:-

They are not interested in your story

When your stories are not interesting or engaging enough, people will avoid your stories. Why would they want to follow an uninteresting person? Most commonly this is the reason why

They have no interest in Snapchat

Some people are just not interested in Snapchat and you cannot change their mind about it. It’s as simple as that. Don’t keep trying if he doesn’t have an interest in Snapchat as this could be boring to him.

Snapchat is not His Thing.

The reason could be that he isn’t really into this whole Snapchat thing and so they don’t feel like watching other people’s stories.

You don’t follow them back.

It is easy for him to ignore your Snapchat stories when you don’t follow him back because he might not even know you are sending things to him.

They’re too busy for it.

If they don’t have enough time in their day then this could be the reason why they aren’t watching your stories on Snapchat. It’s as simple as that, so try again later when they may have more free time or ask them what is up.

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There is no other reason for it.

Some people just simply don’t care to watch your stories because there is not a specific reason, so you can keep on doing what you’re doing or if this bothers them more than anything they will let you know why. You never know!

He doesn’t want to admit that he blocked.

He doesn’t even see your Snapchat story because he has blocked you and he doesn’t want to admit it. If he blocks you then invariably, that means he is ignoring you.

He is just too busy with other things to check out your story right now.

He is probably at work or doing something important. Why don’t you try to ask him? There’s no reason for it, just ask! Sometimes, he gets too busy with other things to check your story right away and you won’t know when he’ll be able to check it.

He is busy with his own life and might not have time for your Snapchat story right now, but that doesn’t mean anything bad about you! Why don’t you just ask him if there’s a reason why?

Your profile picture or bio doesn’t match their interests

When your profile picture or bio doesn’t match his interest, he may get annoyed and block you.

Why? Because he is not looking for someone with a different interest than him, so if your profile picture or bio doesn’t match his interests then it would only be bothersome to continue the conversation further because there aren’t any common topics that will keep him interested in talking to you.

Playing the Waiting Game

You just followed them and they haven’t seen your posts yet, so they may be waiting to see what you post before following you back.

Why? Because some people are very selective in following someone back, so they would rather follow someone who posts interesting content.

Waiting to see the frequent posts.

They may not be following you back because they want to see what else you post before they start following you. Why? If his or her bio doesn’t match your interests then it would only be bothersome.

Just continue posting to get his attention.

Too many stories in a row.

This could be very boring when you may have posted too many stories in a row or at the wrong time of day.

Why? People want to see everyone’s story but don’t have the time or desire to go through the entire story.

People may unfollow if nothing is interesting on your Snapchat stories

Offensive Content

As a friend will say “different content for different people” Your story could have been offensive, so he didn’t click on it.

Over 100 million people are using Snapchat, so it’s important to post content that is appealing and not offensive. Why? Because you want your friends or followers to be interested in what they see when scrolling through their stories and yours as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snapchat and Relationships

Will he notice if I stop watching his stories?

There is a chance that he will not notice if you stop watching his stories. You may have a lot of people following your Snapchat story, so it is possible that he stopped looking at your content since there was too much other stuff to look through on the app.

why is he ignoring me but looks at my Snapchat stories

It is possible that he ignores you in real life and looks at your Snapchat stories because he is not ready or willing to engage with you physically. He may be afraid of intimacy and wants to stick with online communication until he feels comfortable being in your company again.

Why are guys ignoring my Snapchat story?

It is possible that they do not want to add another person to their friends’ list, so instead, they ignore it and only watch it if they want to chat with you.

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How can I get my bf/gf on Snapchat?

You can try asking him directly and introduce the idea of Snapchatting in a casual manner, such as sending over cute stickers or emojis that remind you both of good memories from earlier days together. If he seems open to talking about it, then by all means give your relationship another shot!

why do guys stop looking at my stories after a few days?

It is possible that this guy never was interested in the first place; maybe there were other factors – like his current girlfriend – which made him agree to watch your story for some time but eventually ignore them completely.

It also is because he found someone who is more interesting than he is, or simply because you are not his type.

in case my boyfriend stops looking at my snaps

Perhaps your relationship was just a casual one and in time it will be over anyway – especially if another girl is waiting for him after school. If this guy doesn’t know how to end things with you personally despite spending part of his day together, then avoid talking incessantly about him; instead, talk about other guys who seem interested in getting to know you better!

This approach might make your ex realize that someone else has come into the picture and naturally want out himself! It also may create some discomfort between the two of you which could encourage him to communicate more honestly with us rather than ignoring our texts indefinitely.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Snapchat?

You can know if someone blocks you on Snapchat if you are no longer able to send them Snaps.

If you’ve been watching your ex’s story and he stops sending snaps back, that can be a sign of him blocking you on Snapchat.

However, it isn’t a 100% accurate way of knowing if someone has blocked us because there could be other reasons why we suddenly stop receiving their snaps!

There is an additional thing that may let us know our Snapchat account was blocked – the word “ghost” appears next to our username when viewing their profile! You would see this even though they did not block or delete you from their friends’ list.


The reason for ignoring your stories and tips to attract someone with your Snapchat story is that he’s just not interested in you. Your comments are valuable, so don’t let this discourage you from trying again.

If the guy who has been avoiding your snaps still hasn’t opened up his heart to you after all of these hints, then it might be time to move on! You deserve a man who will love every part of you–even when there’s no filter involved.

There are many other possible reasons why he seems to be avoiding your story on Snapchat when you bother yourself with the question of whether or not he is interested in you.

It could simply be that his phone battery died, and now it’s too late for him to watch your story so he does not want to respond at this time. Maybe a friend sent him a text message right as you sent him a Snapchat, which would have distracted him from viewing your content.

Or maybe he doesn’t think much about what’s going on in your life since there isn’t really any connection between the two of you outside of social media platforms like Snapchat.

Whatever the reason may be, just remember that there’s nothing wrong with asking “why?”


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