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Business Management Scholarships For International Students In USA

There are several Scholarship opportunities you can find in the USA, nevertheless, you need to stay updated with the latest Scholarship Opportunity available to you, if you truly want to be considered for a scholarship opportunity. 

In this article, we will present you with the latest scholarship opportunity available for business management students. 

Marc Beaumont Scholarship Fund

This scholarship has been in existence for years and it was set up to honor Europe COO Marc Beaumont and one-time Capcom North America.

This scholarship is meant for those who are international students and citizens of America who intend to have a degree in their field of business management. Qualified candidates stand to receive funds up to $2500.

Selection Criteria 

Those who wish to be selected for this scholarship opportunity, need to meet the following selection criteria. 

  • A minimum of 3.3 CGPA is required 
  • You must make sure your application gets submitted on/before OCT 30th.

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Women in Public Finance Scholarship

Women in public finance scholarship is one of the opportunities that help women achieve their academic dream by granting them the opportunity to obtain a degree in the field of business management.

As a selection criterion for this scholarship opportunity, students need to be in their final year and be intending to study business management. 

Aspiring candidates for this scholarship opportunity, as well, need to demonstrate leadership skills, to be considered for the scholarship opportunity.

As part of your application for this scholarship, you must write an essay, stating convincingly, why you should be considered for the scholarship opportunity.

It should be noted that this is a one-time scholarship and it’s not renewable.

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Cappex Business Majors Scholarship. 

This scholarship board is one of the leading Scholarship providers in the USA.

Nevertheless, this CAPEX only offers scholarship opportunities to candidates based on a unique course of study. The scholarship board supports students and helps them afford the cost of tuition fees.

$1000 funds will be given to qualified candidates for this scholarship opportunity, and this scholarship opportunity is renewable.

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NFIB Young Entrepreneur Awards

This is one of the scholarships available to students who want to study business management in the United States.

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Nevertheless, before a student can be eligible for this scholarship, they must have a business that they own.

Students must as well be ready to display leadership experience, to get qualified for this scholarship opportunity. 

John L. Carey Scholarship Program

If obtaining a business management scholarship in the USA, this scholarship opportunity is definitely meant for you.

Interested candidates will be rewarded with $5000 funds, to obtain their business management degree.

Up to 10 candidates will be selected for this scholarship award, and given the funds and support needed to complete their undergraduate degree.

Nevertheless, it’s a core requirement that students have experience and are ready to study in the USA before they will be considered for this scholarship opportunity.

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