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How to Get a Guy to Stop Asking for Pictures? Actions, Steps and Response

Just after Betty called me from Ohio asking how to get a guy to stop asking for pictures, nude pictures for God seek?. Truly! This guy must be nuts.

I became worried enough to dig out why do guys keep asking for pictures, help her with ideas to stop him without losing the relationship, and a funny response to send me a pic kind of guys.

Why Do Guys Want You to Send Pictures?

A guy wants you to send your picture to him because he finds you attractive and wants to show you to his friends proud he is of dating a person like you. Keeping these pictures could lead to a long-lasting behavior or a way of getting closer to you.

Some guys met girls who appeared beautiful in their photos, but then personally, totally different and ugly due to the availability of photo filters and editing Apps.

Some people want to make sure all of these photos are not deceptive and that you appear like the photo that originally attracted him due to many fake profile photos on the internet.

Why Do Guys Keep Asking For Pictures?

Guy keeps asking for pictures because they want more of your images to refresh and justify his attraction towards you. He’s trying to figure out if you look good all the time or just in specific photographs because girls have so many varying looks.

On the other side, some other guys will keep your photos fantasizing about having sex with you. They keep asking for photos of your face, boobs, and anything else that is not clothed. This could lead to this set of men asking for nude or more dirty pictures.

Why Do Guys Always Want Dirty Pictures?

Tell the truth. “I’d rather not send you a photo.” You shouldn’t have to explain why, but you may say you have your reasons if they ask you. And if they insist, answer, “I prefer not to tell you the reasons.”

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Guys ask for dirty pictures while chatting because they find it be flirty when sexting. While requesting dirty pictures sounds so creepy to some girls, some of these guys could be perverts who would go as far as masturbating with these photos.

These pictures, which were meant to be private, could be used for blackmail and possibly on pornographic sites.

Warning: According to, 60% of all sexters who have sent nude pictures agree to feel compelled to do so at least once. see this post about facts on sexting and sending nudes

See this set of topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp I have considered to be appropriate.

Tips on How to Get a Guy to Stop Asking for Pictures.

You can get to stop a guy from asking for dirty pictures online. Tell him that you find the request very offensive and tell them to desist from such actions and let them know their actions’ consequences. You could block such contacts on social media or messaging Apps when they persist and report to appropriate authorities.

This response will do well to stop him from further asking for dirty pictures from you on WhatsApp, Facebook, other social media platforms, or Dating Apps.

In a situation where he persists and refuses to stop requesting

Be Polite, Outspoken, and Keep Up with Your Convictions.

No apology or explanation about why you don’t wish to send a photo is necessary. Simple, direct, and honest, maintain it. In my experience, These men will try changing your mind about sending a photo but keep up with your convictions.

So when Betty called me, I shared these polite responses declining to send pictures while texting someone she knows directly or indirectly:

  • No! I have a strict policy of not sharing photographs with persons I do not directly know. With the prevalence of identity theft and fraud on social media, I am sure you understand. (Best response for guys you met on social media).
  • I don’t send pictures, for me, this is my policy” If I am not sending me a picture, maybe we can’t be friends!! (Best response for guys who keep asking).
  • I’m not a huge fan of selfies, and I don’t have many pictures. Please do not insist on this. I sincerely apologize.

Keep Up with Your Conviction – (A Rude Request don’t Deserve a Polite Answer).

Why be nice if you’ve previously answered no and they ask again?

They plainly do not value your response. So, do you have to be polite in response to their frequent requests?

The answer is no. here are some responses when he keeps asking for your pictures after you had said ‘No’ politely.

  • It is too bad! I loved our friendship very much. Well, I believe that you are a nice person. If you feel you can keep my rule, call me back. Bye.
  • I know you really want a photo, but I’m not ready to send you one. Let us move to a better topic?
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There are better questions to ask a guy to get to know him deeper.

Get an Evidence and Talk to Someone.

You must take this next step.

Assuming this takes place online on social media or chat platforms, take a screenshot of the improper request and your response.

If you can’t capture a screenshot, save the conversation in another method so you can look at it or make use later as a piece of evidence when needed.

If this isn’t available online, make a note of where and when it occurred, and notify a close friend as quickly as possible.

Set Boundaries and Keep Up With Your Limits (Block His Contact).

Understand that when you issue a warning like this, you are committing. Consider it seriously.

If you don’t believe you can block them, you can apply other penalties, such as “I won’t talk to you for a week” or whatever else is reasonable.

You can stop him from making further requests or conversations by blocking him from your account or chat platforms.

Here are steps to blocking a Facebook account of someone requesting dirty pictures:

  • Log in to Facebook.
  • Navigate to the profile page of the person you want to block.
  • Click on the ellipsis next to “follow” and “message” in the top right-hand corner of their profile.
  • Scroll down and click on “block.”

This post on how to blog a guy from your social media accounts will be helpful.


Reporting to Appropriate Authority.

Take a screenshot of this conversation, or inform a close friend if it’s not online.

Some individuals are upset when blocked or limits are enforced, so they may threaten you or spread lies about you. This is why there are screenshots.

If they continue to cause problems, you may have to contact the authorities.

If you’re still young enough to live with your parents, start with them, even if it’s awkward.

If something didn’t happen online, screenshots or the testimony of your friends might be useful here as well.

How to Get a Guy to Stop Asking for Pictures

Apply Laws Prohibiting Harassment.

If you are underage, remind him that conviction of unlawful sexting or child pornography carries serious penalties.

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Aside from jail time and other penalties, you might be dealing with the consequences of the violation for the rest of your life.

If you live in the United States, you can get a cease and desist order to stop further harassment.

Funny Response to Guy Asking For Pictures.

  • Go to Google and enter “her picture,” and my photographs will appear.
  • And when they requested nudes, give them pictures of a nude cosmetics palette and some chicken breast.


If a guy asks for nudes before a relationship, he obviously does not really want a relationship; he wants to masturbate over your nudes.

Unless you like exposing yourself and are sexually stimulated by the notion of people masturbating to your image, you should save your nudes for the guys you already get naked with in person.

Always remember that once you put a naked photo of yourself, you lose control of it, and it will be there in perpetuity.

One of the most harmful things over the internet or on social media is sending nudes to anybody. It’s circulated so effortlessly.

It will only be an issue when forced to do so because a polite guy will not insist. He will appreciate your choice of reason.

What should I consider when sending pictures?

Just before you press “Send” to send your nude pictures to that guy, it is important to stop and consider the following:

  • Have you considered that he will delete it?

  • Are you comfortable sending these pictures?

  • Is your partner attempting to manipulate you?

  • Do You Have Faith in Your Partner?

  • Do you believe this guy is trustworthy?

  • What if someone else sees it?

  • Are you under the age of 18?

    It is technically unlawful to take and send naked photos if you are under the age of 18.

  • Do you have faith in your partner’s judgment?

  • What if this alternative to sending nude pictures?

    Calling and chatting on the phone might be a better option than sending naked photos.

  • What happens if you break up?

What to do if you already sent your nude pictures.

There are actions you can take if you have sent a nude and are scared about what may happen:

  • Ask him to delete it. Please explain why you are not convenient for him to have the pictures.
  • Do not react to blackmail: Do not react or give more photographs to someone who wants to threaten or blackmail you.
  • Talk to someone: It might be frightful, especially if you are threatened, to speak to someone you trust.

How to Get a Guy to Stop Asking for Pictures


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