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Nursing Jobs in Canada Without IELTS 2021

Several world healthcare personnel are given nursing jobs in Canada to practice for a year in the country’s National Health Service. It allows them to meet the requirements for becoming a Registered Nurse without having to take the IELTS.
Furthermore, because Canada has a nursing deficit, it allows international nurses with competence and experience to operate in hospitals.
If you’re looking for a job like this, this post will help you out by highlighting the current nursing jobs in Canada that don’t require IELTS examination.

Here is the interesting news for foreign nurses:

  • In Canada, the average annual salary for a Registered Nurse is $79,906 per year. Due to the following factors, however, Canada is one of the main objections to moving to as a foreigner and working as a healthcare worker.
  • Every Canada residents, including the elderly and their dependents, are entitled to free medical care, and Canada is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world.

Is it Possible to Work as a Nurse in Canada without IELTS?

Will I be allowed to work as a nurse in Canada without having completed the IELTS exam? This is the recurring question by a lot of intending nursing applicants.
Actually, there really are numerous nursing jobs available in Canada for international medical personnel and immigrants from any country that does not use the International English Language Testing System.

Nursing Jobs in Canada without IELTS

Below are the leading nursing jobs in Canada that won’t require IELTS exam.

Staff Nurse

  • This is a Doctors/Nurses/Medical Professionals (Job Function)
  • Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medicine are industries for this job.
  • Lab/Medical Technician is the specialization.
  • Any graduate is eligible.
  • Work Schedule: Full-Time

Description of the Job

  • Determining and arranging nursing care needs, providing pre- and post-operative care, and monitoring and administering medication and administration of drugs
  • Obtaining samples from patients, as well as their pulses, temps, and blood pressures
  • Keeping records, overseeing younger employees, and planning responsibilities
  • Giving patients and their families with emotional support
  • Assisting nursing students

Use the following link to apply for this job:

What is the Best Way to Apply for Nursing Jobs in Canada?

To practice as a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse in Canada, applicants must have a General Certificate of Registration.

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The following enlistment requirements are required in order to qualify for nursing jobs in Canada:

  1. Proof of authorization to work in Canada.
  2. Completion of a nursing curriculum equivalent to a four-year certification in nursing or practical nursing licensure.
  3. Prior to actually issuing the Certificate of Registration, the candidates must have completed three years of nursing practice in the category for which they are enrolling.
  4. The NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) or the CPNRE (Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam)
  5. Proof of English or French language proficiency is required.
  6. Vacancies in Nursing.

Other requirements may apply in the course of the application.

Wrap Up

Canada provides career prospects for nurses who do not have IELTS. It appeals to a large number of nurses all over the world. Due to a shortage of time, not every nurse can prepare for and pass the IELTS test. It can make settling in to a new country easier for GMN and BSC nursing students.

Nurses who are willing should look for a pre-approved course that can lead to successful R.N registration without any extra requirements. It provides the following advantages:
Nurses (GNM) can earn a bachelor’s degree.
It does not require IELTS, which makes it simpler.
Nurses with a strong desire to work in the NHS can find work in Canada’s NHS hospitals.
Nurses can work part-time for a set amount of time each week.

Finally, because Canada has a nursing deficit, it allows foreign nurses with expertise and potential to serve in hospitals. Each nurse must follow specific stages, norms, and methods in order to immigrate to Canada to work and reside.

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