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How to Make a Man Cry in Bed: 7 Amazing Steps with Sultry Pictures

Making a man cry in bed largely depends on your ability to know the right steps during sex which I have elaborated on in this post.

The simple steps to make a man cry in bed are as follow:

  • Tease and make him want you, but don’t allow him to touch you or go into foreplay with you.
  • Kiss him from head to toes with a little wax or chocolate syrup.
  • Oral play is a hot & kinky way; rim job is a good way to make him scream; he will be so turned on but can’t do anything yet.
  • Massage is a good way to make him cry; he will be turned on but can’t do anything yet. Oral play is a hot & kinky way; rim job is a good way to make him.
  • Then he will be all over you like there’s no tomorrow, and sex toys is a new approach to check it out.

Be aware that a man’s self-esteem and good disposition in bed or during lovemaking can be uncertain.

It’s not a good idea to see him crying and defenseless in the bedroom if you absolutely need to see him.

7 Steps on How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

It can be done in another way, if you truly want him to be vulnerable and cry, by spending a lot of time with him in different settings, developing his trust, and asking intelligent questions to find out what he needs.

Here are steps with a full description of how to make a man cry on the bed

Surprise Your Man on Bed

Your man will be surprised if you do something unique and surprising to catch your man off guard.

suprise your man in bed-100

surprise your man in bed-

This could be something he’s been hinting at, or it could be something you know he’ll enjoy. Whatever you choose, make sure he doesn’t know it’s coming so he doesn’t have time to prepare.

  • Initiate a sex act.

    I’m only pointing out that in some couples, it’s always the guy who initiates contact. Switch the tables if that’s the case. Sidle up to him and fresh when you have some alone time.

  • At home, go shirtless and or bottomless.

    Certainly, this is something that some men desire. Going topless, I believe, would also make for a great experience. Similarly, going completely naked for an evening would definitely go over well. Naturally, you’ll want to do it on a weekend when the kids aren’t around.

  • Start having sex in the middle of the night.

    Have sex with him in the middle of the night, steadily and compassionately, because this will take him unprepared if this suddenly happens.

    Be Totally Quiet During Sex.

    I’m not sure how talkative you are during sex, but placing your fingers over his lips and do the sexy “shhh!” thing, and then take control.

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Take Total Control.

Most men need to feel dominated to become vocal and cry in bed during sex.

Dominating your man and taking control of a sexual encounter will make him feel at ease, allowing him to be more outspoken without feeling self-conscious and possibly cry in bed during sex.

take charge to make him cry in bed

take charge to make him cry in bed

Here are ways you could take charge during sex.

  • Step One: Don’t be afraid of being “Bad in Bed”

    The first step toward controlling your sexual encounters is to remove arbitrary judgments about what is good.

  • Step Two: Talk Dirty or Flirty with Your Man.

    The more particular the questions, the better to model a flirtatious but eager-to-learn sort of talk.

    You can answer the same questions after you’ve asked your partner about all the things they enjoy, adore, or wish to try with your man in bed.

    Here is a post I made on questions to ask a guy to get to know him deeper

  • Step Three: Get Creative and Have a Game Plan.

    Taking control in bed typically needs some mental preparation. Before you ever see your spouse, try picturing the things you want to accomplish.

Touch His Hotspots To Make Him Start Screaming in Bed.

The next step on how to make a man cry in bed during sex is touching his hotspots.

hotspots to make him cry in bed-100

hotspots to make him cry in bed

The most sensitive portion of your man is NOT their private areas. Ladies, you need to start paying attention to your man’s other zones and places on his body.

I have listed some erogenous zones that will instantly make your man cry during sex.

  • Touching behind his ears during sex.

    You can do a lot more with it than just whispering romantic nothings in his ear. Kiss his earlobes, caress his lips, and watch him go insane. Make a delicate stroke with your finger, lips, or teeth.

  • Work your way to his neck.

    Begin with slow kisses while working your way down from the base of his ears. As you inch down, you can gently bite his neck.

  • Stroke his inner thigh

    This is an area that is frequently overlooked. When you stroke his inner thigh, you’ll get some incredible benefits. The area is highly sensual, and licking and touching it can add to the excitement.

    Alternate kisses and bites, so he has no idea what’s coming next.

  • Gently Touch His Perineum.

    This is another area where you can try things out to see if they suit you. The area between his testicles and anus is called the perineum, and it just takes a few soft strokes to create the atmosphere.

  • Caressing and Pinching his Nipples.

    Pinching your man’s nipple makes you insanely high to make him cry during sex; why not try it on your man? Get a little naughty and smear them with Nutella or chocolate sauce, then lick your way to pleasurable sex.

    Here is an article on more spots to touch on your man here

  • Kiss His Belly Button Passionately.

    A strip of hair known as the “treasure trail” runs between your man’s navel and his genital area, and it’s so termed because of its sensitivity.

    Pull strands of hair between your lips starting just below his stomach, just hard enough for him to feel it.

    You’ll send jolts of electricity throughout his lower abdomen region, even below the belt, with the pinpricks of little agony you’ll cause.

    Drawing a line from his belly button down with your tongue will generate a tingling feeling.

  • Play with his anus

    Other than penetrative sex, there are other ways to enjoy this spot. Experiment with fingers and lips in the fascinating realm of butt plugs.

    And it’s not just women that enjoy having their butts squeezed (or smacked, but that’s a topic for another day) during sexual activity.

    As they’re going down on you or fingering you, have your partner apply a small amount of pressure on the outside of your anus with one lubed-up finger.

  • Massage His Thumb, Pams, and Fingers

    Massaging his thumbs and fingers will be something he doesn’t expect and most likely has never done before. While it may not appear to be excessively sexual, it is quite pleasurable and releases endorphins.

  • Play with The Goin.

    Because this area is so close to the genitals, having your man tease it may be both unpleasant and enjoyable, which may see him screaming in bed

    Allow them to keep their boxers on as you slowly run your fingertips over the area before touching their buttocks.

    Kissing and massaging the area, particularly if you’re delivering oral, can make things feel even more intimate.

  • Behind the Knee.

    The area behind the knee can be a versatile erogenous zone of his body because it can be teased in public without seeming nasty, but it can also be concentrated on during sex.

    Try softly running your fingers over the area or engaging with it during penetrative intercourse by touching, stroking, or increasing the intensity by adding pressure.

  • Licking his Frelunum

    The frenulum, found on the fascia of the penis below the glans, is the area of the penis that reacts the most to pleasurable touch, especially licking or sucking.

    The perfect area is about an inch below the frenulum when the hue changes.

    This line of demarcation between the color of the glans and frenulum and the color of the shaft’s “regular skin” is where he wants you to focus your attention.

    It’s also where, a week or so after the baby’s birth, circumcision removes the foreskin’s “hood.”

    Having told you where his frenulum is located, I will be listing strategies that will make him scream.

      • Step One: Don’t just rub it, lick it, or suck it.
      • Step Two: Whatever you do, do it with incredible vigor and zeal.
      • Step Three: Don’t just have fun with sex; tell him you can’t live without it.
      • Step Four: It is to be admired. It should be revered. Would you mind making an effort to get it? Suck it up like it’s your life, and you can’t get enough of it. When you’ve exhausted him, thank him.
      • Step Six: Yeah, we know you’re acting, but we love the show so much that we’re grateful you put it on for us. We persuade ourselves that you truly mean it, and we feel quite special due to how you made us feel.
  • Experiment with Other Erogenous Zone

    However, not all of these erogenous zones will act as hot areas for every man – everyone is different and has his own eccentricities.

    We already know that sexual activity is good for health, and reaching arousal is crucial in getting started.

    The only way to know for sure what works for you or your spouse is to test it out for yourself – with full disclosure, of course.

  • Mouth Action – Oral Sex

    The huge blow job is certainly daunting, but it’s also one of the best sex actions to have in your pleasure armory.

    Men prefer blow jobs because it’s another experience that gets them to relax, receive, and enjoy themselves.

    The ideal thing you can bring to oral sex is a positive attitude, so be enthusiastic.

    The following steps will guide you on perfect oral sex.

    • Make eye contact with the other person.
    • Tell them you’re completely turned on.
    • Inquire about their desires.
    • Your hands as a source of moisture, and your hands as a source of tightness
    • Wrap the shaft in your dominant hand, then add your mouth.
    • Keep your index and thumb pressed against your lips to keep them closed.
    • Up and down the penis, move your hand and lips.
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Stay focused on his facial expressions.

People who close their eyes while making love have more lovers, and a larger pout equals a bigger climax. Your man’s facial expression says a lot about his level of satisfaction and orgasm.

how to make a man cry in bed

how to make a man cry in bed

This step helps you understand your man’s facial expression, and you move to make him scream or cry in bed.

Some facial expressions listed here include:

      • His thought on how your facial expression exactly looks like when you are climaxing.
      • When he makes a bizarre face, he is unable to breathe and will die at any moment.
      • The poker face where your man so expressionless.
      • The crying face which he might feel embraced to show.

Expressive and vocal while in bed.

According to the study, many ladies made sounds, but not necessarily while experiencing an orgasm.

vocal sounds to make him cry in bed

vocal sounds to make him cry in bed

Instead, 66 percent claimed they moaned to hasten their partner’s climax, and 87 percent said they vocalized to increase his self-esteem during sex.

Some people prefer to whine and talk dirty, while others choose to remain silent.

There’s a wide range of noises that people make, and it turns out that there’s a wide range of noises that men find seductive in bed.

You should make some of these sounds that should make your man cry in bed.

      • Moan: In the bedroom, moaning appears to be an almost universal truth for those apprehensive about using foul language or making excessive loudness.
      • Dirty Talk: The moans come first, followed by the dirty talk. If you want to attempt dirty talk without feeling uncomfortable, there are plenty of ways to do so.
      • Heavy Breathing: it sounds awkward, but I’m sure they mean it in a sexier way.
      • Screaming: Screaming in bed is something that can either happen naturally in a very sexy way, or it can be a little over the top and forced.
      • Swearing: like an orgasm, can make you feel really amazing. Swearing makes us feel better. It would be best if you screamed “f<ck!”.

Why does a man cry after making love?

Are you still wondering why a man cries in bed? Here are a variety of reasons as listed below.

      • He is awestruck by the woman’s stunning beauty and alluring femininity, with whom he had made love in total submission.
      • The intercourse was so intense that tears of delight welled up in my eyes.
      • He’s never felt more loved, validated, and entirely accepted than in the moments he’s just spent merging body and spirit with the one he longs for so much.
      • He’s wanted for intimacy and friendship for so long, and it’s finally come true, and it’s not only more lovely than he could have imagined—just getting started.

The Conclusion.

After applying the strategies described in this post, lie back and catch your breath in the arms of the man once you’ve finished. Give him kudos for how fantastic everything was and compliment him on his personality.

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His endorphins and emotions will be in overdrive due to the intense buildup, pressing psychological triggers, and triggering pressure points.

This is where tears of joy and happiness can be shed; in some situations, men’s hormones might force them to cry uncontrollably.

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