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120 Most Interesting things to talk about with your Girlfriend

Almost all relationship experts quote poor communication as the most common aspect leading to break-ups. Things to talk about with your girlfriend are things you’ll read about and seen on TV a thousand times in your life. But it’s well worth remembering.

The very instant you and your girlfriend stop talking, your relationship is in the blink to fall apart. Seriously, just cast your mind back to your last relationship.

See what we mean? So you need to know things to talk about with your girlfriend. We don’t just mean answering her questions with a grumble.

It would be best if you got into positive communication—it really helps strengthen a relationship and facilitate a stronger bond with your girlfriend.

How do I keep a conversation going with my girlfriend?

You can keep the conversation going by talking about the things you have enough information on. Like;

  • things you like about her are;
  • things you have in common with her (childhood days, fashion, character. etc.)

Things to talk about with your girlfriend on the phone

1. personal and specialized goals
2. Ask her about where she grew up and how it was.
3. Ask him to describe in detail everything he can see right now.
4. Talk to him about spirituality and how it is important to her.
5. Ask her about what makes her embarrass the most
6. Ask her how she does feels when talking to you on the phone
7. Let her tell you how her day was
8. Care to know if she has eaten and what exactly she ate
9. You can discuss on favorite food, place, and event
10. Her fantasy date night
11. Her dream job
12. Talk about what she likes doing most in her leisure time
13. You can share some dirty sex experiences you both had
14. Ask her if she has any secret in her cupboard
15. Share some stories and experiences
16. Ask her to describe your physical appearances, like the color of your eyes and the shape of your face, even what you’re wearing for the moment.
17. You can even play puzzles on how each other’s day went
18. What has been her worst regret
19. What does she do when she wants to clear her mind over some busy thought
20. You can ask her if she has ever been in love
21. How was her former love affair?
22. What she has enjoyed most in this present relationship
23. You can talk about her schedule for the next day
24. The welfare of her family
25. Ask her things about her best friend

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Topics to talk about with your girlfriend at night

26. What did you think of me before I approach you?
27. When did you realize you were in love with me
28. How would you describe love to people who have never been in love
29. Describe me in one word to you
30. how is your sex life
31. have you ever masturbate yourself while being alone
32. How did you feel during our first date?
33. If you were to choose a nickname for me, what would you call me?
34. Ask her to tell how she felt during your first sex night
35. Did you really miss me in the day?
36. How long have you thinking of me in the daytime?
37. What does your friend really think of me when they see you
38. Talk about where she would love to go on your future sex day
39. If I were to be around you now, what would you love to do with me?
40. How long do you last in bed?
41. How dose lives treated you when I came into your life?
42. Ask her the impact she has felt in this relationship than the former
43. If I were to prepare you your favorite, how would you want me to present it
44. Can you really live with me?
45. Ask her about her ideal family life
46. Have you ever cheated on someone before, and why?
47. What do you cherish most when in a relationship?
48. How do you see if this relationship subsequently leads to marriage?
49. How many children would you want to have if that happened?
50. What is your weak point?

Things to talk about with your girlfriend

Things to talk about with your girlfriend

Romantic topics to talk with girlfriend

What can I chat about with my girlfriend?

These can be fun things you recently did together or what happen during the day because a relationship is enhanced when you know every piece of what formed her day.

51. How many sexual experiences have you had before I met you?
52. What thrills you most during sex?
53. What do you prefer most during sex?
54. How often do you like having sex?
55. Can you remember the first time we got wet?
56. When did you fall in love with me?
57. Have you been feeling like kissing me?
58. Talk about how she felt after your first kiss
59. What is the best thing you really like about me?
60. How much do you value me?
61. What part of me do you love most?
62. What is it I do that turns you on?
63. How do you like waking up beside me?
64. What are dose things you feel most to do with me?
65. What do you know that you aren’t supposed to know?
66. What have you learned recently about sex?
67. What’s the most romantic thing you have ever heard someone doing before?
68. What’s your best flower?
69. Do you have a favorite scent that reminds you of lovemaking?
70. When is your best time to have sex?
71. Are there things you wish of telling me but didn’t say?
72. What movie reminds you of me?
73. What do you think about when on the bed unable to sleep?
74. What’s your best way to spend a rainy afternoon?
75. When are you most comfortable with me?

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Romantic topics to talk with girlfriend

What to talk about with your girlfriend over text

76. What’s the best thing that has happened to you today?
77. What kind of music do you like most?
78. Do you prefer staying indoors or going outdoors?
79. What’s your plan for the weekend?
80. What sports do you like doing?
81. What would be your favorite cartoon?
82. Do you have a special song for the weekend?
83. What do you notice first when you look at a guy?
84. What’s the best thing about your job?
85. If you had an extra hour a day, what would you want to do with it?

Trap question to ask your girlfriend

86. Babe, how would you describe a perfect relationship?
87. What or who’s your inspiration?
88. How do you imagine the future with me?
89. Do you am a perfect match to you?
90. If you are given to choose between me and others, who would you choose?
91. What qualities should your ideal husband possess?
92. Compare our last sex experience. Would you say I am good at sex?
93. Would you spend your whole weekend on sex enjoyment?
94. What would be your advice to upcoming teens on relationships?
95. What disgusts you most in a relationship?
96. Do you think your parent was the perfect match?
97. Where would you want to have your dream holiday?
98. Do you believe in marriage? Why or why not?
99. What are the expectations you want in marriage?
100. Do you believe in me?
101. What circumstance would make you denial me?
102. Can you defend me among your friends?
Deep question to ask your girlfriend
103. What’s your worst fear?
104. What do you really like about me?
105. If you could change one thing in your life, what would that be?
106. Can you do something dirty when you are madly in love?
107. What was the time you felt lonely, and how was it has?
108. Do you want to have more kids if we happen to get married
109. Were you feeling nervous when I approach you at first?
110. Would you still be with me under a bad medical report?
111. What goes through you when I touch you?

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Serious questions to ask your girlfriend

112. Would you marry me?
113. What do you want to be your legacy
114. What did you enjoy most as a child?
115. Accessing your life, what keeps you back from your dreams?
116. What would you say is your purpose in life?
117. Where would you like to spend your honeymoon?
118. What do even and occurrences that shape your personality?
119. What’s the most difficult lesson life taught you?
120. What describe you best?


What do you talk about with BAE?

You can choose to ask her things about the relationship on any things related to that. It can come in the form of a question or just a discussion. Things like;

  • When do you feel most confident?
  • What is your favorite thing about yourself?
  • What’s your biggest fear?
  • What do you want out of life?

What should I ask my girlfriend?

Ask her things like:-

  • Is there something you feel our relationship is missing?
  • What was your first impression of me?
  • What should I do to make this relationship be a lasting one?
  • These are all things you should ask your girlfriend or talk about.
  • Below here is listed everything you should talk about with your girlfriend.


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