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160+ Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy (EXCLUSIVE)

What questions would you use in flirting with a guy? Engaging a guy in a flirty discussion and having fun with him is one of the least anxiety-inducing ways to deal with a new crush.

Flirting questions to ask a guy are like a sexy line or a few cheeky remarks used indirectly and enjoyably to let your crush know you’re interested in him. It’s a way of talking to a guy or teasing him in a lighthearted manner.

With our top flirty questions to ask a guy, you’ll be able to break the ice while also turning up the heat of the conversation with him.


Some flirty questions to ask a boy

1. What is the first thing you notice about a girl? Be truthful!
2. What qualities in a partner do you find particularly repulsive?
3. After a long day at work, what is your favorite way to unwind?
4. So, what should we do this weekend, in your opinion?
5. Do you like getting massages?
6. Are you a fan of mild or deep muscle massages?
7. What qualities/traits do you look for most in a girlfriend?
8. Do you enjoy being surprised?
9. What if I told you that you were about to be surprised?
10. Do you appreciate it when a lady flirts with you?
11. Where are you from?
12. What was your favorite and least favorite part of growing up in a place other than your own?
13. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
14. What do your father and mother do for a living/did they do for a living?
15. Do you have any eccentric relatives?
16. What is your ideal occupation?
17. Do you like what you’re doing right now?
18. In five years, where do you see yourself?
19. Have you ever had strange dating experiences?
20. What is your favorite musical genre?
21. What is your most enjoyable pastime?
22. Do you like to exercise?

Juicy questions to ask a guy

Some of these questions are designed to help you have a happy relationship or make your boyfriend happy

11. Do you like to cuddle or make out?
12. What is the most memorable kiss you’ve ever experienced?
13. What personality type are you?
14. When we’re not together, do you think about me?
15. What are your thoughts on a girl initiating contact?
16. Do I make you jittery?
17. Do you remember ever having a dream about me?
18. How do you feel about premarital sex?
19. What role do you believe sex plays in a relationship?
20. What do you put on before going to bed?
21. Have you ever had sexual thoughts about me?
22. What’s your favorite place to make out?
23. Are you a sexually bashful guy?
24. Do you believe you have a good understanding of what women desire?
25. Which portion of my body do you want to be tattooed?
26. What female attire piques your interest the most?
27. How many other girls have you dated before me?
28. Do you think you’d ever take a shower with me?
29. Are you a knucklehead or a jerk?
30. What is your most humiliating sex experience?
31. Have you ever locked your gaze on my buttocks or chest?

Flirty questions to ask a guy you like

32. How did you get to be so attractive?
33. What makes you the giddiest?
34. What does love mean to you?
35. What qualities do you seek in a partner?
36. Who do you look up to?
37. What is your all-time favorite thing to do?
38. What is it about me that you admire the most?
39. What is your most cherished fantasy?
40. Do you believe you’ll be able to please me?
41. Will you ask me out, or will I have to complete the task for you?
42. What’s the one question you’ve been itching to ask me?
43. Do you have a hidden talent?
44. What would happen if we went on a date?
45. So, are you a romantic or a mischievous person? Or perhaps both?
46. What’s your favorite place to be kissed?
47. What method would you use to entice me?
48. What is your favorite song about love?
49. What sensual movie scene would you like to reenact with me?
50. Do you realize how happy you make me?
51. Have you ever had a fantasy about me?
52. When was the happiest time of your life?
53. Do you believe in the concept of soul mates?
54. Why are you so fond of me?
55. Have you ever felt the need to contact me?
56. Do you think it’s possible to fall in love at first sight?
57. Have you ever witnessed something truly revolting?
58. To you, what does the term “soulmate” mean?
59. What is one thing about me that you adore?
60. Do you enjoy delivering large hugs?
61. Do you prefer first-date kisses or hugs?

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Flirty questions to ask a guy over text

62. What kind of attire do you want to see me in?
63. Do You Remember Having a Dream About Me?
64. In a romantic relationship, do you like to be the dominant or submissive partner?
65. What Makes You Excited?
66. Do you want a picture of me as cute or as naughty as possible?
67. When was the last time you went to a concert?
68. What has been the most memorable event in your life so far?
59. What is the hilarious item that someone might buy or spend money on on the internet?
70. When was the last time you were in a relationship?
71. What is your ideal vacation destination?
72. What are your favorite foods to eat?
73. What do you wish you knew when you were younger?
74. What types of things make you laugh the most?
75. Do you think it’s possible to fall in love at first sight?
76. When you were a kid, what movie did you watch over and over again?
77. What is your favorite movie quotation of all time?
78. What is your all-time favorite meme?
79. What’s the most embarrassing SMS you’ve ever sent by mistake?
80. What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?
81. What occurs in real life that is rarely depicted in movies?
82. Could you tell me about one of your bucket list items?
83. Is it cold over there?



Flirty questions to ask a guy to get to know him deeper

84. What have you done that is the most romantic thing you’ve Ever Done?
85. Do you feel at ease among people who ask a lot of questions?
86. Do you allow the opinions of your friends to influence your relationships?
87. What do you consider to be your strongest feature?
88. Are you aware of your magnificence?
89. Do you like to stay in or go out?
90. What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
91. Do you have a romantic side?
92. When is it okay to let your guard down in a relationship?
93. What are your two words to describe yourself?
94. Do you enjoy making grand gestures?
95. What gift would instantly make you fall in love with someone?
96. Do you have any hobbies or Interests? What is It that you enjoy doing?
97. What would it be like if you could spend an entire day with me?
98. What is your preferred method of communication when it comes to love?
100. Which color do you think I’m most attractive in? What kind of clothe?
101. What song do you think our relationship is like?
102. What was the highlight of your day today?
103. What was your initial reaction to me?
104. How would you define me in three words?
105. Make a list of three things that never fail to bring a grin to your face.
106. Who has a better understanding of you than you?
107. What talent would you master if you could only master one?
108. Do you prefer date nights at the movies or a restaurant?
109. Do you prefer grand romantic gestures or small romantic gestures?
110. Who is the first person you want to inform when something nice happens?

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Flirty questions to ask a guy to make him laugh

111. Tell me about your biggest kitchen blunders.
112. Is there something you believe you know a lot about but don’t?
113. Have you ever been pursued by a guy?
114. What would you do if you were given a superpower of your choice?
115. What brings you joy?
116. What is your favorite television/movie catchphrase?
117. What would you eat if you had to survive on just one type of food?
118. Which of your childhood memories was the most enjoyable?
119. What kind of act of kindness do you want people to refrain from performing?
120. What was it like on your first day of school?
121. What is the one thing you aren’t very good at?
122. Have you ever uttered something creepy to a stranger while passing by?
123. What would your logo look like if you designed it yourself?
124. Do you have any fascinating trivia?
125. Which animal would you choose if you had to pick one to help you win a fight?
126. What are three grocery store items you could buy together to make the cashier laugh?
127. What are some things that are OK to do on occasion but not daily?
128. Have you ever accidentally set something on fire while cooking?
129. What’s the funniest name you’ve ever heard someone use in real life?
130. What song makes you feel compelled to sing along every time you hear it?
131. What would you choose as your favorite day to relive over and over again, and why?
132. Where would no one expect the bodies to be found?
133. Which of these dance moves is your signature move?
134. Have you ever had to pee in front of others?
135. When was the last time you burst out laughing, and why?
136. What is the purpose of a man’s testicles?
137. What is your all-time favorite joke?
138. What’s the most amusing WIFI name you’ve ever come across?
139. What is the ridiculous question you have ever been asked?
140. Will you poop out an ice cube if you ingested it whole?
141. Would you tell a joke or utter a prayer if it was your final day on earth?
142. Do you think you’d like to date a girl named Holly Garden?


Flirty questions to ask a guy you want to marry

143. What is the most significant relationship stumbling block?
144. Is there anything I could do to make myself more responsible to you?
145. What exactly are you looking for at the moment?
146. What was the length of your longest relationship?
147. What qualities do you look for in a possible partner?
148. How would you describe your ideal relationship?
149. Do you have or want children?
150. How many kids?
151. What would you cherish the most in your relationship?
152. Can you ever apologize to your partner for something done wrong?

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Flirty questions to ask a guy online

153. Do you know any other languages?
154. What aspect of your profession do you enjoy the most?
155. Do you go by any monikers?
156. What has been your favorite place to live?
157. Do you have any tattoos on your body?
158. What is your greatest apprehension?
159. Do you have a close relationship with your family?
160. What is your most cherished achievement?
161. What is your best quality, according to your friends?
162. What do you consider to be your strongest quality?
163. Have you ever been on a date?
164. Are you a romantic at heart?
165. Are you easily embarrassed? Or do you have no shame?
166. Have I made it into any of your dreams yet, be honest?
167. Or did I make an appearance in your fantasies before we met? What went wrong?!
168. If you were trying to seduce a woman… What would you do if you were in this situation?
169. What is your favorite aspect of yourself?

Other Related Topic on How to Flirt with a Guy

Here are other related topics and questions to ask a guy

How to pick the best flirty questions to ask a guy

Naturally, coming up with the greatest questions to ask your guy might be difficult, which can make discussion boring. As a result, we’ve written this article to assist you in flowing emotionally with your guy.

How do you flirt with a guy over text?

  • Be distinct, that’s by being yourself because you want him to see your real you.
  • Ask an open question.
  • Keep the questions short and sweet.
  • Ask a playful question.
  • Make Him Laugh.
  • Tease Him.
  • Compliment Him Over Text.
  • Use emoticon or Emoji.
  • Stay positive.
  • Leave Him Wanting More.

What are some inappropriate questions to ask a guy?

Some questions are too strong, awkward, and rude to ask a guy, which are:

  • What do you think we’ll be like in five years?
  • Where were you today?
  • Would you be more interested in me if I try ____?
  • Do you think that girl is lovely?
  • So, what’s up?
  • Why is it that… always happens to me? (complaint)
  • Why aren’t we doing this….?(always advice)
  • Who is more attractive than I am?
  • You were flirting with her, weren’t you?
  • Why aren’t you in love with me?
  • Do you realize how annoying your friends can be?
  • Is your mother fond of me?
  • Do you still have feelings for me?
  • Do you masturbate?
  • Do you think my friend is hot for you?
  • Do you think I am fat ugly?
  • How many women have you slept with?
  • Do you always have a lot of women over at your house?
  • What are your thoughts now?
  • What’s your stand on gay?
  • Which of your friends is your least favorite?
  • Have you ever cheated on someone? Would you cheat on me?
  • What are your ex-partners like?
  • What is your annual salary?
  • When do you think we’ll tie the knot?
  • Do you watch porn?
  • Who is she?
  • Why were you looking at her like that?
  • Are you in debt?
  • Would you say I am more important than your mother?

What is a good flirty question?

  • Do you consider me to be a friend or something more?
  • Where do you prefer to be kissed?
  • What would you think if I kissed you?
  • How would you characterize your ideal kiss?
  • Do you prefer kissing or cuddling?
  • What is your biggest irritant?
  • What did you think the first time you saw me?
  • Which do you prefer: cuddling or making out?
  • What do you consider to be your best quality?
  • What is the most difficult thing you have ever done in your life?
  • How is it possible that someone like you is still single?
  • What are your favorite male nicknames/pet names?
  • In three words, how would you describe me?
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