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The Best 250 Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend at Night or When Bored

It is obvious that romantic questions to ask your boyfriend is an essential part for lasting love in every stages in a relationship. Interacting with each other about love and other related matter is of endless pleasure ( especially at initial stage).

Romantic Questions to ask your Boyfriend about your Relationship

These romantic questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship will bring deep truth about him as it’s one of the yardstick to measure his values, desires and ideal relationship.

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

questions to ask your boyfriend about his ex

Many have asked this crucial question often, to know the heart of their partners. There are so many ways to know a guy’s level of love for you.

One of this ways is through asking romantic questions either orally or texting. Here are some ways;

Then that means he really loves you.

To test if he really loves you? Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend will certainly reveal his past and how he should be treated in his current relationship.

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Romantic Questions to ask your BoyfriendRomantic Questions to ask your Boyfriend

Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend at Night

Some of these Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend at night will has covered all ground in every relationship; beginning from the dating to the end.

One must be highly skillful in this romantic questions to ask your boyfriend in order to endear him, physically, sexually and otherwise. These are the romantic questions to ask your boyfriend.


What are the Questions to ask a Boyfriend?

When it comes to being romantic, there are some questions that’s really relevant to ask your boyfriend. Such must be neatly and carefully selected.

1. When you saw me for the first time, what was the first thing that came to your mind about me?
2. How does your ideal love looks?
3. When did you first realize you love me?
4. Do you miss me when we’re not together?
5. What’s your stand on love at first sight?
6. Would you love to meet my family?
7. Did you feel nervous after our first kiss?
8. Do you remember the day of our first date?
9. How would you describe our first kiss /love making?
10. What scents is your favorite?
11. What would you love to do when you feel bored?
12. What’s your happiest moment in life?
13. Do you ever have sexual fantasies and would you try it in real life?
14. Is there any flaws that interest you in me?
15. What’s is the weirdest thing that turns you on?
16. How do you feel when we lie besides each another?
17. Do you believe in soulmate?
18. What’s your favorite sex position?
19. How would you feel if I break up with you?
20. If am hurts, would you carry me on your arms?
21. Would you still love me even at your last breath?
22. What would you want us to do all the day long?
22. Would you want your children to look like me?
23. What’s your favorite movie?
24. Do you have any movie that do remind you of me anytime you watch it?

Questions to ask your boyfriend about his ex girlfriend

Knowing the former relationship of your boyfriend is of utmost importance. Knowing how he was treated and why he broke up will guide you to know how he should be treated in his present relationship. This will be a good tools for test of character.

25. How would you introduce me to your family?
26. What song do you like listening most?
27. Do you like having sex with song playing in the background?
28. How would you feel if I break your heart?
29. Do you like people cheating on you?
30. Do you ever feel jealous when am with other attractive people?
31. Cuddling me for a day or kissing me for 5 minutes, which one would you prefer?
32. What were you like when you were in high school?
33. How would you describe me in one paragraph?
34. Have you ever been with me and you feel like saying something you couldn’t say to others?
35. How do you feel when I smile, or what’s dose your heart tells you when I smile?
36. Do you have a favorite childhood memories and why?
37. When did you know you wanted to kiss me?
38. Why did you fall in love with me?
39. What’s your favorite gameplay with me?
40. What’s your favorite time of day to make love?
41. What excites you most when I do in bed?
42. What book do you like reading most?
43. After your sexual experience, what did you think right away?
44. If you were to wish the last moment of your life what would be your wishes?
45. Touch me where you would like to hold for so long.
46. Where would your dream vacation be?

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How do I start a romantic conversation with my boyfriend?

interesting romantic questions to ask your boyfriend

A lot of people fine it difficult to start this romantic questions with their boyfriend. The ice can be broken if you start talking about the first time you met or the first thing that you saw in him.

It always good to remember the initial stages of your relationship together. You say things like; ‘I love talking to you because…. ‘ or you can start by complimenting his looks and effort etc.

Other conversation you can start include:-

47. If you’re to whisper one last word in my ear what would you say?
48. If I was to be your baby, what would you ever feed me with?
49. Would you trust me, if I ask you to close your eyes for one day let me lead you?
50. What name would you call me when you’re drunk in love?
51. Would you notice that I want to make love to you even without me telling you so?
52. If the world falls apart what would you testify of me?
53. What would you do if you have the whole money in the world?
54. What would definitely take you time to say to me?
55. Is there anything that makes you brush within a second?
56. Do you prefer love making in a pool and why?
57. What’s the happiest moment of your life with me?
58. If I have the privilege to rewrite your life, where would you want me to rewrite?
59. What’s the mind blowing thing you can do for me?
60. What effect of influence dose our relationship have on you?
61. Where do you always wish to touch while being with me?
62. What sound do you prefer on bed?
63. If you were to be among the gods, what legacy would you leave behind?
64. Would you be my best teacher in love making and why?
65. Do you have any personal definition of love, or what dose love means to you?
66. How do you feel when falling in love with me?
67. If someone hurt me, what would you do?

More Romantic Questions to ask your Boyfriend at Night

romantic love questions to ask your boyfriend

The night is a serious time to catch each other attention. When calmness is in place and the body hormones rises.

Here are the romantic questions to ask your boyfriend at night in which he can be turn on or feel his mind with love memories.

68. How do you feel when having an eye contact with me?
69. How dose loosing me really means to you?
70. How do you feel when you have not heard from me?
71. Have you ever been crushed or broken-down by someone and why?
72. How do you know when you fall in love with someone?
73. What’s you favorite color you like to see on me?
74. What motivate you when you feel like giving up?
75. How do you feel about being in a relationship?
76. How do you feel when you see my calls?
77. Will you be embarrassed if I kiss you before your friends?
78. When you approach me for the first time, did I give you hard times?
79. What’s the craziest thing you would love to do on your birthday?
80. What are your worst fears about me?
91. How do you enjoy spending your weekend and free time?
92. What memory of me can make you smile when you remember them?
93. Are you a good story teller?
94. With whom would you love to trade your life with for a day?
95. Have you ever dreamed of spending your remaining days with me?
96. Do you believe in the power of love to conquer everything?
97. What’s your favorite meal?

Cute Romantic Questions to ask your Boyfriend

cute romantic questions to ask your boyfriend

This is about asking questions, such that induces attraction and admiration. Cute romantic questions to ask your boyfriend will always find a way to endear your boyfriend and make him feel comfortable with you.

98. How would you tell of me to your friends?
99. What can you do to cheer me up when my spirit is down?
100. Despite my appearance dose my personality satisfy you?
101. Would you risk your life for me?
102. Do you really feel yourself when we’re together?
103. What can you see about the future with me?
104. What’s your favorite thing to do during raining day?
105. Do I have a place on your body?
106. Have you ever felt like wrapping yourself completely on me?
107. Have you ever broke up with someone?
108. When you got to know me better, what was your first impression?
109. Do you like me being hot or cold?
110. What would you dare me to do for you?
111. What’s kick your hormones?
112. Where is your favorite place to have sex outside your bed?
113. If you had only 2 minutes with me, what would you do or want me to do?
114. Do I always inspire you to do things differently?
115. What outfit pleases you most in the night?
116. Can you assure me even when am scared?
117. When we’re kissing, what thoughts runs through your mind?
118. Where on my body is worth kissing the most
119. Which thrilled you most; kissing in the dark, under the sun or in the rain?
120. Would you have the courage to dance with me alone while others stand watching?

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Dirty Romantic Questions to ask your Boyfriend.

In every relationship, one must come to this point of asking dirty questions which makes partners to be sexually attracted to each other. Like:

121. Are you a virgin?
122. What do you like wearing to bed when you’re in the mood?
123. If I were to make you breakfast on bed, what would you like it to be?
124. How did you lose your virginity?
125. What movie would you like we both to watch together in the night?
126. If I were to be a diet, would you eat me everyday?
127. When we’re not together, do you always think of me sexually?
128. Do you like porn?
129. Do you like sucking sex?
130. Dose the thought of me flashes your mind in the middle of the night?
131. If you were to wish for more, what would your wishes be?
132. When was the last time you cried during sex?
133. What gives you so much fun in a relationship?
134. Have you ever been sexually satisfied?
135. Do you think we have spent enough time with each other?
136. Who made you feel love for the first time?
137. Where would you like to kiss the most if you were to kiss all my body?
138. If you were to direct dreams like movie, what would my part be?
139. While on call with me, dose my voice makes you feel horny

Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself.

dirty romantic questions to ask your boyfriend

Asking your boyfriend a serious questions about yourself cannot be over emphasize. With this, one will determine the level of one’s relationship and can even know the desire of the boyfriend about the relationship.

This deepen each others consciousness of what they truly represent in it.

140. Can you run away with me if circumstances demand?
141. If fate was to decide, would you believe we were meant to be together?
142. Would you want everybody to know about our relationship?
143. If I was to make love with you always, where would your favorite place be?
144. Is there anything that you dislike about me?
145. Would you compose a love poem for me?
146. What and what can you give up for me?
147. Do I always make you happy?
148. How do you feel when I flatter you?
149. What dose it mean to you having me by your side?
150. Dose your friends always feel you made a good choice about me?
151. How do you feel when we stroll together?
152. Do you wish you could talk with me all the day long?
153. How do you always feel when we hold hands in the public?
154. How do you feel when my hands slide down your body?
155. Have you ever wish I could give you enough?
156. Do you find my beauty and character satisfactory and how?
157. Do I look beautiful even when I sleep?
158. If you were to give life, how long would you want me to live with you?
159. Do you believe in destiny?
160. What’s that word you always wanted to hear from me?
161. How do you feel when I make you angry?
162. What’s my best physical feature?
163. Will you still love me even when you discover my flaws?
164. How do you feel when you see my tears?
165. Have you discovered your real self since you met me?
166. If you are given an opportunity to offer prayers for me, what would your best prayer be?
167. Dose my touch and warmth assure you of love?
168. What’s your special name for me?

What should I ask my boyfriend to make him happy?

This can come as a form of gratitude and expression of benevolence. It is necessary to know and ask questions that can change his mood if his spirit is down. This can be seen as a perfect understand of him.

It can be achieved by taking him along the Memory Lane of the past and your relationship.

169. What club do you fans?
170. Who’s your role model?
171. What’s your hobby?
172. what’s your favorite pet?
173. What can put smiles on your face in a gloomy day?
174. What gives you a feeling of happiness when you remember them?
175. Which gift made your birthday very special?
176. What’s your biggest accomplishment?
177. What obsessed you the most?
178. Do you like fame?
179. What’s your favorite childhood doll?
180. Who did you spend most of your time with as a child?
181. As a child, what was your biggest motivation?
182. Dose my presence drive away worried in your life?
183. Have you ever felt like comparing yourself with others and why?
184. When was the difficult time in your life you wish I was there?
185. Have you ever made a hard decision in life?
186. When you were a child what was your hobby?
187. Can you remember one action of mine that made you trust me the most and why?
188. From who did you learn love from?
189. What’s your sexiest moment so ever since we met?
190. Do you believe in love?
191. What was your happiest moment when you travel?

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Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship.

From time to time you must review your relationship status if its getting stronger or weaker. And this can be done through romantic questions which will lure him to tell of the state of your relationship.

192. How would you prove your love for me?
193. Dose your parents relationship taught you more about love?
194. If you could know the future, what would you want to tell?
195. Have you ever been abuse in a relationship?
196. Can you forgive someone who cheat on you in a relationship?
197. Can true love be regain from a cheated relationship?
198. How do you always view broken homes and relationships?
199. What would be your advice to those who are in a relationship?
200. Am I so special to you?
201. What made our date night so special to you?
202. Do you always wish I understand all your thoughts and feelings?
203. Which of our sex memories thrills you the most?
204. Do you feel at home whenever you’re with me?
205. How do you see sex in a relationship?
206. What’s your desire whenever we’re not together?
207. What’s your take on distance relationship?
208. How did you feel when you finally broke the ice with me for the first time?
209. Do you believe in miracles?
210. What make you weak whenever I do to you?
211. Do you have principles that govern your relationship?
212. What would your ideal dating night looks like?
213. What’s your favorite thing that I’ve done for you?
214. Do you fine me to be able to keep secrets?
215. What do you think can be added to our relationship?
216. Would you like to propose on your birthday?
217. What turns you off during sex?
218. When did you fully believe in your instincts about me?
219. If you happen to marry me, how many times would you have sex with me in a week?
220. How would you feel if you hear am caring your baby inside of me?

WOW! Here are The Best Romantic Questions to ask your Boyfriend

Relationship must be handled with care and must be spice up with the best romantic questions to ask your boyfriend. This must be taken note of.

221. Can you be in a relationship without sex?
222. What’s your ideal family life?
223. Have you ever dreamed we had children together?
224. What can we do to support each other more?
225. What do you fine so odd in me?
226. If you were to choose someone to replace your family, who would you choose
227. What’s the most important quality you ever looked for in a partner?

Romantic Truth Questions to ask your Boyfriend

There are some romantic truth question to ask your boyfriend like ‘would you introduce me to your family’ etc is needed to understand your stand with him.

A lot of relationship have been lost due to lack of deep truth about your partner. This will ever clear all form of doubt in you.

228. What’s your life goals?
229. When was your first kiss
230. What’s your biggest regret?
231. What’s that question you always feel afraid of asking me?
232. Do you trust your parents?
234. Can you defend me even among your friends?
235. If I hug you before a crowd, would you be embarrassed?
236. If you were a song writer, what song would you compose for me?
237. Can you stay awake for me?
238. Dose my kisses seize your breath?
239. Have I ever ask too much?
140. Which flower reminds you of love?
241. What can make you cry while being with me?
242. If I had make the first move on you, how would you have felt?
243. Dose ‘I love you’ really comes from your heart?
244. Do you believe me when I express my feelings to you?

Romantic love question to ask your boyfriend.

Some relationship are very cold for lack of knowledge about love question to ask your boyfriend. Love is felt in the heart therefore it must be fully express to heart too. It gives each other the feeling of being cherished?

245. What’s your stand on religion?
246. Do you think of me as having the power to tame you down when you’re angry?
247. If you were a father, how many children would you have?
248. Would you want your children to look like me?
449. What’s your stand on marriage?
250. What’s your ideal marriage.

Romantic truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend.

Truth or dare can be a game, but it’s more than a game of the lips. It dares boyfriend to do drastic thing just to prove his love for you which in a normal way he hardly do it. It also reveals special things about your boyfriend if said from the heart.

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